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white outdoor pool table custom Mercure - Billards Toulet
The latest in outdoor entertainment: the Mercure outdoor pool table.

With the arrival of fine weather, it’s time to transform your outdoor space into a place of unparalleled conviviality and entertainment. Imagine yourself enjoying unforgettable moments in the company of loved ones around a billiard table designed specifically for outdoor use. Featuring sturdy, high-quality metal and steel construction, the Mercure outdoor pool table is designed…

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Overflowing table top billiard convertible Empereur - Toulet
The overflowing table top, the ideal solution to transform all billiard tables.

The billiard table, synonymous with conviviality and entertainment, often takes pride of place in the dining room. However, for some models of billiard tables, converting them into dining tables can be a challenge, mainly due to the height under the billiard frame. Faced with this constraint, the ideal solution lies in the clever use of…

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transform billiard table into party table - Billiards Toulet
Transform your billiard table into a sublime party table.

Holiday parties and special events are ideal occasions to gather family and friends around a festive table. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, New Year’s or any other special event, table decorations play an essential role in creating a warm and memorable atmosphere. Here are a few tips for transforming your billiard table into a sublime party…

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pool table wood light Iron - Billards Toulet
Choose the perfect contemporary billiard table for your interior.

Are you a billiards enthusiast who loves sleek, functional objects? Contemporary style is for you. For a perfect fit in your living space, let’s zoom in on what a contemporary billiard table is and how to choose the right one. What is contemporary style? Contemporary style is a term used to describe artistic trends, styles…

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Servant project design villa Blacklight pool table - Billards Toulet
Discover Servànt’s Quinta da Marinha project.

Design and elegance: the address not to be missed in Lisbon Servànt is both a furniture showroom and a design studio, based in Lisbon’s Santos design district. Founded in 2021 by interior architect Ana Kurash and designed by renowned Italian architect Claudio Pironi, the showroom is considered one of Lisbon’s most prestigious and captivating. With…

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choose cloth billiard table Pearl - Billards Toulet
Billards Toulet advice: How to choose the color of your billiard cloth?

Choosing the color of your billiard table’s cloth is a crucial decision that can influence both the aesthetics of your game room and your playing experience. Not only is the color of the mat a matter of personal preference, it can also have an impact on the visibility of the balls and, consequently, on the…

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autumun winter 2023 2024 decoration trends billards Toulet
Autumn-Winter 2023/2024 Deco Trends: Warmth and Balance

With temperatures slowly dropping, it’s time to dive into the Autumn-Winter 2023 2024 Deco trends. This season promises to bring a combination of comforting warmth and subtle balance to our interiors. From rich color palettes to natural materials and bold patterns, here’s a look at the trends that will shape our homes over the coming…

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billiard table convertible in table - Oak - white cloth - Purity - Billards Toulet
How much does a billiard table cost?

You’ve always wanted to buy a billiard table, but the price is holding you back? Before embarking on a purchase, it’s important to understand what determines the price of a billiard table, and above all, what type of pool table you’re looking for. The cost of a billiard can vary considerably depending on a number…

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solutions for storage table top billiard table convertible Pearl - Billards Toulet
Billards Toulet advice: which storage solutions for my billiard table tops?

Whether you already own a convertible billiard table or are thinking of buying one, the question of table top storage is essential for practical use. The different table tops to convert my billiard table Billards Toulet, the specialist in customizable billiards, offers several practical and fun solutions to make the most of your billiards table.…

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wooden pool table cottage Megeve luxury - Billards Toulet
The billiard table, a must for luxury chalets.

Toulet equips the games area of many hotels. For mountain and nature lovers, there are privileged places where it is common to play on a Toulet billiard table. Indeed, luxury chalets regularly call upon French know-how to install a billiard table in their play area. Luxurious ski resorts Megeve, Courchevel, Tignes, Meribel, Val d’Isere or…

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Choose pool cue design Blacklight - Billards Toulet
Billards Toulet advice: how to choose a pool cue?

A pool cue is an essential piece of equipment for all pool players, whether they are beginners or advanced. But with the wide variety of cues available, choosing the right one can be a real challenge. Here are some tips from Billards Toulet to help you choose the right pool cue for your needs. The…

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outdoor pool table design terrace Whitelight Made in France - Billards Toulet
The Whitelight pool table is available in an outdoor version.

To fully enjoy your passion all year round, there is nothing like an outdoor billiard table. Robust, design and quality are the key words of the Toulet outdoor range. With its extraordinary design worthy of a work of art, zoom in on the top-of-the-range Whitelight Outdoor billiard table. Sumptuous and aerial lines Because the pleasure…

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transform billiard table into a dining table Broadway - Billards Toulet
The Broadway billiard table in the heart of a vacation home in Deauville.

The architecture firm Elivan Interior Design has signed a very beautiful realization in Deauville. A vacation home full of charm combining design and modernity. To welcome the whole family during meals, there is a Broadway billiard table that converts into a dining table. Zoom on this Norman project. Deauville, a must-see on the Côte Fleurie…

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Leather pool table vintage - Billiards Toulet
Billards Toulet advice: how to maintain your leather billiard table?

Whether it is made of solid oak, stainless steel or glass, it is important to maintain your billiard table to ensure its longevity. Here are some tips to maintain your leather billiard table. The leather billiard table, an easy but essential maintenance Just like sofas, handbags or leather clothes, the leather billiard table requires a…

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Purchase shuffleboard table - Billards Toulet
The shuffleboard table made in France by Toulet.

Very widespread in the United States, the shuffleboard seduces more and more European players. Toulet has been a billiard specialist since 1857 and is the only French manufacturer to offer Made in France shuffleboard tables. The shuffleboard game originating from Great Britain If you have had the opportunity to travel across the Atlantic, you have…

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dining table and billiard table design Le Lambert Table - Pool table - Billards Toulet
The billiard Le Lambert Table, the fusion between dining table and billiard.

Installing a billiard table that can be converted into a dining table without compromising the quality of the game is possible. Example with the Le Lambert Table billiard table which perfectly combines dining table and billiard. A competition pool table under the dining table Resulting from the collaboration with a professional 8 Pool player, the…

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Billiard table contemporary decoration - Billards Toulet
Design Mania selects the Toulet billiard table for a contemporary decoration.

The blog Design Mania, dedicated to interior design and architecture has selected 5 design objects for a contemporary decoration. For an original dining room, they chose a Pearl design pool table by Toulet. A selection of design and high-end objects The Toulet convertible billiard table has been selected among other design objects. The article highlights…

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High end games room leather Luxury - Billards Toulte
A high-end games room designed by Toulet.

As a manufacturer of custom billiards since 1857, Toulet regularly creates custom games spaces. Today, we’re sharing the creation of this high-end games room featuring a Blacklight pool table, shuflleboard, custom bar and other games. The games room for adults is usually organized around a pool or poker table. A high-end game room realization For…

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Billards Toulet supports french federation of billiard
Billards Toulet supports the French Federation of Billiards.

Toulet billiards have always been distinguished in the world of billiard competition, and have been for over 100 years. Being a partner of the French Billiard Federation allows us to support the practice of this sport on a national and international level. The world of competition at Toulet With the creation in 1857 of its…

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2-in-1 billiards table CL - Billards Toulet
Billiards Toulet advice : vary the pleasures with quality 2 in 1 billiards.

After the billiards convertible into a dining table, more and more people are interested in 2-in-1 billiards or even 3-in-1. Billards Toulet has long offered options for making the most of your billiards without resigning to quality. Zoom on 2-in-1 billiards. The Home Gaming Trend Games with family and friends are becoming more and more…

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Billiard yacht Blacklight Luxury - Billards Toulet
Blacklight billiard for yacht in SuperYachts magazine.

The prestigious group The International Yachting Media is highlighting the gyroscopic Blacklight billiard project installed on the Happy Me yacht. Find the full article in the SuperYachts magazine. The gyroscopic version of the Blacklight billiard table In order to make the dream of a boating and billiards enthusiast come true, Billards Toulet has joined forces with…

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Luxury Chalet K2 - Pool table Megeve - Billards Toulet
The luxury chalet K2 chooses Megève pool table for its games room.

What could be better after a day of descending the ski slopes than warming up with a good hot chocolate by the fireplace. Look no further, we present to you your next destination for your ski vacation : the sumptuous luxury Chalet K2. A 5-star luxury chalet Located in the popular ski resort Isola 2000,…

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Pool table Vintage Empereur - Victoria Palace Hotel - Billards Toulet
Empereur Vintage pool table at the Victoria Palace Hotel

The sumptuous Victoria Palace Hotel located in Paris trusted Billards Toulet for its billiard room with the classic Empereur Vintage model. We reveal more below. An establishment steeped in history Completely renovated in 2020, the Victoria Palace Hotel offers a warm experience in an intimate and refined setting. Located in the 6th arrondissement in a…

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Artistic billiards Trickshots - Billards Toulet
Zoom on artistic billiards and trickshots.

American billiards, French billiards, snooker or even 8 Pool, these are the main modes of play in the world of billiards. However, there are many variations such as artistic billiards and so-called fantasy billiards or trickshots. What is artistic billiards ? Artistic billiards is a discipline in its own right of French billiards. This is…

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Bubble gum pink - original color - Billards Toulet
Bubble Gum pink, a new original color for your pool table cloth.

With more than thirty cloth colors, there are many possibilities to personalize your pool table. A new original color is added to the American cloth color chart: Bubble Gum pink. An original color Synonymous with good humor, pink is timeless. It spans decades and is no longer just for women. Fashion or decoration, this color…

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Modern Pool table Pop - Billiards Toulet
Zoom on the modern and original billiard table POP.

Inspired by the 80s, the Pop billiard table uses the codes of this original and quirky period. Indeed, the design takes a real turning point in its evolution. There are as many styles as there are designers. Zoom in on this original billiard table straight out of the 80’s. The design of the 80s While…

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Height billiards dining table - Billards Toulet advice
Billards Toulet advice : the height for a billiards dining table.

The billiards dining table is attracting more and more people wishing to buy a billiard table. Indeed, between saving space and the possibility of varying the pleasures in a single piece of furniture, the advantages no longer need to be demonstrated. The question of the height of the billiards dining table is a question we…

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Decoration trends summer 2021 - Billiards Toulet
The decoration trends for this summer 2021 by Billards Toulet.

Billards Toulet, specialist in personalized billiards, shares with you the decor trends for this summer. We find the main trends of the previous season but with the increasingly pronounced need to feel good at home. Natural materials, reassuring colors, vegetal decoration, … Focus on decoration trends for Summer 2021. Home Sweet Home With the many…

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Billards Toulet designers - Blacklight Spain
Femont Galvan Designers trusts Billards Toulet.

The Spanish magazine Interiores unveils the images of Villa La Herradura, a luxury and dream space located in the Marbella Club Hotel in Spain. The agency Femont Galvan Designers This article immerses us in this upscale two-story house, designed by architect Marcos Sainz. Its modern and sophisticated style was imagined and implemented by the design…

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Billiards Toulet leisure - American pool table
Billiards Toulet, always by your side for moments of leisure and sharing.

The beautiful days are coming, with, we hope, the gradual return to a normal life. We all aspire to find ourselves and resume our activities. Billiards Toulet : leisure, sharing and decoration Billiards Toulet, billiard specialist since 1857, offers quality products around which leisure, sharing and decoration are the key words. Our range of billiards…

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Pool table Blacklight design - Russian Salon Interiors - Billards Toulet
Russian Salon Interiors : The Blacklight billiard incorporates a modern apartment.

Billards Toulet regularly collaborates with many interior designers around the world. Today we present to you the interior architects Ekaterina Meshchanova and Anatoly Tyutin who trusted Billards Toulet for the realization of a Blacklight billiard table. The complementary duo created in 2015 their interior design agency Ekaterina Meschanova Interiors. A graduate of the Moscow Institute…

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What place do you need to install a pool table ?
Toulet advice : What space to install a pool table ?

You have wanted to buy a pool table for a long time, but you are wondering about its location. Indeed, this is THE first criterion to take into account and very often the first question that arises : do I have the necessary space to install a pool table ? Billards Toulet, billiards specialist since…

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Pool table in wood - industrial - Iron - Toulet
The Iron, the modern pool table convertible into a table

Are you looking for a modern pool table convertible into a dining table ? Discover the many possibilities of the Iron pool table. Raw materials or custom finishes With standard customization, the Iron pool table has an industrial style. Its metal feet and wooden frame totally echo the flagship materials of this type of decoration.…

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Pool table convertible into a table - CL
Toulet advice : how to choose your table top ?

Ideal for quickly transforming your billiard table into a dining table, the table top is an increasingly popular option. Indeed, the advantages are numerous, in particular the optimization of space. Depending on the pool table chosen, there are several types of tops. First of all, be aware that the number of elements that make up…

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Accompanied and advised by billiard professionals.
Be accompanied and advised by billiard professionals.

What are the criteria to take into account when choosing my pool table ? How much space should I have around it ? What color of cloth ? Is it possible to have both French and American billiards ? … You can quickly get lost among all the things to consider when purchasing a pool…

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Pool table unique in wood - Billiards Toulet
The charm of the Megève wooden pool table, a unique piece.

Play on a unique and original piece With its old solid wood frame, the Megève pool table from the design collection appeals to a large number of people. The originality of the wood brings all its charm to this pool table. In fact, two types of wood are available for the Megève frame. Both come…

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