Déco Trend 2024: Walnut, mahogany, wenge, which dark wood billiard table to choose?

  • 21 March 2024
walnut pool table blue cloth glod ball Pearl - Billards Toulet

The trend in interior design seems to be taking an unexpected but oh-so-elegant turn: the return in force of dark woods. After years when light, natural hues dominated our living spaces, 2024 heralds a change with the rise of noble species such as walnut, mahogany and wenge. These dark woods, synonymous with warmth, nobility and elegance, are the new favorites for dressing up our spaces. So which dark wood billiard table should you choose for your interior?

The nobility of dark woods

With their deep, rich hues, dark woods instantly lend an aura of sophistication to any room. Their noble appearance and warm texture make them the material of choice for furniture, flooring and, in particular, billiard tables. In addition to their striking aesthetics, these woods also offer durability and strength, ensuring remarkable longevity.

What combination of colors and materials?

To sublimate dark woods in your interior, it’s essential to choose colors and materials that enhance them. Neutral tones such as off-white, beige or light grey blend perfectly with these dark woods, creating a subtle but striking contrast. Similarly, the use of luxurious materials such as stainless steel, marble or leather accentuates the elegance of dark woods, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor.

dark wood billiard table trend decor - Billards Toulet

Which dark wood billiard table to choose?

Among the trend’s key pieces, dark wood billiard tables stand out for their majestic allure and unrivalled refinement. Whether in a living room or a game room, these tables bring a touch of luxury and conviviality to any space.

For a walnut billiard table, opt for classically styled models such as the Empereur Luxe, Rochevilaine or Renaissance. For a more modern style, the contemporary and design collections offer numerous models that combine dark wood shades with other noble materials.

The Loft billiard table, for example, combines a wenge-colored wood frame with brushed stainless steel legs. The Iron billiard table is also popular for its multiple customization possibilities, such as an ebony-colored frame with a black base. It’s up to you to design the billiard table of your dreams.

Old pool table Rochevilaine Classic Billards Toulet
dark wood billiard table and steinless steel Loft - designer - billards Toulet

In 2024, dark woods are the undisputed protagonists of the decorating scene, bringing a warm, refined atmosphere to our interiors.

With Billards Toulet, you have a variety of customization options to design a dark wood billiard table that will blend perfectly with your interior decor. So let yourself be seduced by this trend and transform your playing space into a timelessly elegant place.