Coin-operated pool table

Coin-operated pool table : the essential of the game !

The coin-operated pool tables adapts to your needs, do you want a bar atmosphere in your living room ? In your game room ? In your reception area that you have set up at home to organize your evenings ?

With coin operated Toulet billiards, combine efficiency and quality. Our coin operated billiards scrupulously respect the standards of the competition.


Contemporary design and high technicality of play.


The billiards 8 official pool of all competitions.


Simplicity and technicality for an irreproachable quality of play.


Sobriety and elegance for everyone’s pleasure !

The Lambert coin-operated :

To always offer you more satisfaction and the best in quality, Toulet billiards have teamed up with professional player to create a billiard table with high-tech coin operated gameplay, with the most modern design.

We have developed and perfected a range of highly technical billiards : post-formed frame, body and base in brushed stainless steel covering, jacks of 65mm in diameter for an incomparable adjustment.

Billiards is 100% customizable. Indeed, you will be able to choose the color of the wood, the stickers on the sides, the cloths (18 colors to choose from!), A mechanical or electronic coin mechanism.

The lambert Pro :

A 100% customizable 8 pool billiard with its laminated frame, its original black-plated medium case and its strip strips (choice of colors). The Toulet lambert Pro billiard table is 100% customizable to offer you a unique billiard table in your living room or establishment. The 8 pool billiard openings are competition approved, 19mm lapped slate. It is also 100% modular.

The Blackball :

Billiards combining simplicity and technicality with its post-formed frame, body and base in brushed stainless steel. 65mm diameter cylinders for unbeatable adjustment.

It is 100% customizable : Competition approved openings, 19mm lapped slate. The blackball pool table will offer you an impeccable quality of play and an unlimited choice of customization in order to create your billiards in your image.

The Weekend coin operated weekend pool table :

A 100% made in France manufacturing. The Toulet weekend pool table, with a sober and elegant look, will seduce you with its classic style. With its frame and base in solid wood (Kotibé) and its rectified slate of 19mm monobloc.

Each model is made to measure, at your request. For most pool models, you are free to choose the size, color, color of the mat and options.

Are you a professional in the restaurant and hotel industry, do you run a bar or a cafe, do you manage a room or a billiard club ? Contact us !