Design Mania selects the Toulet billiard table for a contemporary decoration.

  • 7 April 2022
Billiard table contemporary decoration - Billards Toulet

The blog Design Mania, dedicated to interior design and architecture has selected 5 design objects for a contemporary decoration. For an original dining room, they chose a Pearl design pool table by Toulet.

A selection of design and high-end objects

The Toulet convertible billiard table has been selected among other design objects. The article highlights examples of unique objects to install in your home to create a contemporary atmosphere.

Design Mania suggests, for example, installing a designer armchair signed by a great creator, playing with lighting in creative and geometric shapes or presenting your flowers in modern vases.

Discover all the contemporary decoration ideas on the Design Mania website.

The billiard table, a design piece for the dining room

For a personalized interior, the magazine’s selection is the Pearl pool table. A sleek and stylish model that can be quickly and easily transformed into a dining table. Indeed, with the addition of a table top, it is possible to easily vary the pleasures. For example, for the largest billiard tables (3m80), more than 16 guests can take place around the table. A practical and fun solution for sharing meals with family and friends.

Its contemporary aesthetics will seduce lovers of modern rooms. Let your imagination run wild by customizing the Pearl billiard table directly on the online configurator.

Like every Toulet billiard table, this modern table can be customized to suit your taste and fit perfectly into any decor. And as the article points out, Billards Toulet makes each billiard table a design object that is proudly displayed. The billiard table becomes an object with whole share of the decoration.