Install a pool table on your yacht

Combining the pleasure of sailing and the practice of pool table may seem incompatible. Indeed, how to combine the movements of a boat with the essential flatness of a pool table ? By teaming up with the Norwegian company Stable, Billards Toulet took up the challenge of designing the first gyroscopic design pool table.

The first design pool table on a boat

The project was born with the specific request of a client passionate about pool table and boating. Indeed, he wanted to install a Toulet pool table on his yacht. Stable engineers and Toulet designers therefore worked together on the adaptation of a stabilizer on the Blacklight pool table. The pooling of skills has made it possible to exclusively develop the first design pool table for boat. It is now possible to enjoy your pool table during your sea excursions.

Pool table Blacklight Luxury yacht - Billards Toulet
Pool table on yacht luxury - Billards Toulet

A gyroscopic billiard combining design and quality of play

What technology ?

An internationally recognized expert in the manufacture of stabilizers, Stable has developed a specific platform. The pool table is kept level regardless of movements at sea. The platform is automatically adjusted according to the movements calculated by the sensors. Thanks to this system, you can play while browsing.

What customization ?

Combined with Toulet know-how, you get an exceptional customizable pool table. The designers worked on an aesthetic integration of the platform. It is hidden under a cover that fits perfectly with the shapes of the pool table.

Pool table on boat - gyroscopic and design - Blacklight Toulet

An aesthetic integration of the platform

Regarding customization, the characteristics of pool table do not change. It is quite possible to choose the color of its structure and the color of the carpet. For perfect resistance, the billiard table is an outdoor model with a 316 L stainless steel structure and a waterproof Simonis mat. The pockets are in extreme leather. Regarding the paint, it is an epoxy paint, very resistant used for the hulls of boats. In addition, anti-corrosion anodes are hidden in the structure. All of these materials are designed specifically for outdoor use. The high-end Whitelight pool table can also have a stabilizer and can be installed on your boat. This has an epoxy resin structure used for the manufacture of boat hulls.

What type of boat can you install this pool table on ?

In order to be able to install a pool table on a boat, a minimum of space is necessarily required. This type of pool table can therefore be installed on Super yacht and Mega yacht type yachts, cruise ships and barges.

We carry out all projects ! Do you have a plane ? It is also possible to install a pool table. You can enjoy it at sea and in the air ! Except for takeoff and landing of course …

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