Billards Toulet advice : How to transform your 8 pool table into a French pool table?

  • 18 March 2022
Transform 8 pool table into french pool table mixed - Billards Toulet

For billiard lovers of all playing styles, it can be frustrating not to be able to combine all of them into one pool table. Indeed, according to the modes of play, the material is not the same: dimensions of the table, balls or still cue. Toulet Billiards proposes an innovative system to transform its 8 Pool table into a French pool table.

We often hear about the mixed billiard for the players wishing to combine the American billiard and the French billiard. At Billards Toulet, this choice can be made with the option of plugs (from 2m20) or cushions.

But what about people who want to have an 8 Pool table AND a French pool table?

For the 8 Pool table that can be converted into a French pool table, the plugs option cannot be applied. We explain you why.

The plugs are elements to screw on the frame of the billiard table at the level of the pockets. Designed to make a right angle, they prevent the balls from falling in the pocket. This allows you to switch from American billiards to French billiards very quickly.

This transformation system can only work on American billiard tables. The shape of the cushions and the opening of the pockets make it possible to create a perfect right angle for French billiards.

THE Toulet solution: mixed strips billiards

The 8 Pool tables are smaller than the American tables. Indeed, they are generally 1m90 or 2m10 long. The pockets are also smaller: 76.2 mm. To be able to transform its 8 Pool table into a French pool table, the solution is the mixed billiard table with removable strips.

Very easy to install, it allows to have a 2 in 1 billiard table and to enjoy it to the maximum. After loosening and lifting the frame, the removable strips can be changed in a few steps. According to your desire, you can choose the “full” strips  which join and form a right angle for the French billiard. If you want to play a game of 8 pool, you just have to put back the classic strips which allow again the access to the pockets.

A simple and quick system to install to vary the pleasures.

Toulet Billiards is constantly innovating to offer the greatest number of people the possibility to acquire the billiard table that suits them: aesthetics, customization, game mode. Discover our collection of billiards Made in France.