Choose the perfect contemporary billiard table for your interior.

  • 28 November 2023
pool table wood light Iron - Billards Toulet

Are you a billiards enthusiast who loves sleek, functional objects? Contemporary style is for you. For a perfect fit in your living space, let’s zoom in on what a contemporary billiard table is and how to choose the right one.

What is contemporary style?

Contemporary style is a term used to describe artistic trends, styles and elements that are current or reflect current times. In art, architecture and fashion, this style is constantly evolving and is often influenced by changes in society.

In general, it emphasizes simplicity, functionality and innovation. It can be characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, the use of modern, sustainable materials and a minimalist approach to decoration.

What is a contemporary billiard table?

The contemporary billiard table is distinguished by its modern, uncluttered shape, in contrast to classic models. Its main feature is its ability to adapt to different interior styles, combining elegance and practicality. It also stands out for its reversible option. As well as being an object of entertainment, it becomes a true central decorative element of the dining room.

Criteria defining a contemporary model:

  • Clean, minimalist silhouette: Clean lines, simple geometric shapes and modern finishes are the key elements of a contemporary billiard table.
  • Choice of materials: Contemporary models favor high-end materials such as metal, leather or wood.
  • Practicality: Contemporary billiard tables can be converted into dining tables. Practical and functional, this option allows you to integrate your billiard table into the heart of your dining room.
  • Personalization: Personalization is crucial. A variety of colors, finishes and even sizes allow you to adapt the contemporary billiard table to your specific style and needs.

Contemporary style varies according to individual preferences and trends. That’s why the Contemporaine collection offers several models in a variety of styles, so that everyone can find the billiard table of their dreams. Styles range from sleek minimalism like the Purity to more daring creations like the Pop billiard table.

billiard table convertible in table - Oak - white cloth - Purity - Billards Toulet
Modern Pool table Pop - Billiards Toulet

How to integrate it into your interior?

Successfully integrating a contemporary billiard table into your interior requires careful thought about layout and personalization:

  • Choice of location: select a space large enough to accommodate the billiard table, and make sure it’s well lit for an optimal experience. Our advice on room size.
  • Match your décor: Choose finishes and colors that harmonize with the rest of your interior. Wood stain, leg shape, cloth color, pocket leather – every detail can be customized to create your custom billiard table.
  • Versatile functionality: A major advantage of our contemporary billiard tables is their ability to be transformed into a dining table. This versatility optimizes space, offering practical dual use. Discover the table tops available.
  • Complementary accessories: Consider adding accessories such as a chandelier or matching chairs to perfect the aesthetics and utility of your billiard area.
Modern pool table customizable Broadway wood - Billards Toulet

Whether you need to check the dimensions of the room, harmonize it with your decor or choose the right colors, call on our team of experts to make your project a reality.

Choosing a contemporary billiard table for your home is more than just fun; it’s a fusion of modern elegance and ingenious functionality. The customization of our contemporary models offers creative freedom, allowing you to harmoniously integrate this element of entertainment into your living space.