Convertible billiard tables

Bring a billiard table into your home and please your whole family, thanks to the convertible billiard table. Practical, friendly and fun, the 2 in 1 billiard table allows you to optimize your space. You will find below all the billiard tables with the option “Dining table”.

Whether you have a design, classic or contemporary interior, you will find in our range, THE billiard table convertible into a table that suits you. Each billiard table can be customized according to your tastes and your game preferences: size, game mode, color, wood or paint finish. Installing a billiard table without dedicating an entire room is now possible. Discover our billiard tables convertible into a dining table:


For a warm atmosphere


Fineness and purity for this billiard


A modern pool table for your home


Sober and chic style


Simple and effective forms


A touch of stainless steel


With stainless steel finishes


High-end finishes


Designed for your garden or terrace


The central table of the house


A transparent meal


Clean and design


Ideal for eating and playing


The timeless Toulet


The industrial style pool table


The ambassador of the conviviality


Alliance of natural stone and ceramics


Design and asymmetry


A pool table at home


Elegance, modernity and technicality

What is a convertible billiard table?

Our design office is constantly working to offer you quality billiards that combine technicality, modernity and practicality. This is how the convertible billiard table was born.

Thanks to our table top option, your Toulet billiard table can be transformed into a family dining table or a desk in a few seconds. No need for specific tools, just put the table top on your billiard table. No matter how the billiard table is played (American, French, blackball or snooker), it is possible. Opting for the convertible billiard table is the ideal solution to enjoy it fully with the whole family.

The billiard table allows to optimize the space and to make profitable its purchase. Toulet Billiards thus offers the possibility to the greatest number of people to acquire a practical billiard table.

Which billiard table to choose ?

Beyond the choice of the aesthetic of the billiard table and its mode of play, the dimensions are one of the most important criteria. Indeed, according to the available space and the number of people that you wish to be able to install around. Find all our advices to choose your convertible billiard table: choice of the tray, dimensions according to the number of places or the adapted chairs.

How to customize your Toulet billiard table?

The dinatory tray is adaptable on the models of billiards presented above as well as for all the modes of play. The size of the billiard table will determine the number of seats at the table. Discover all our advices to choose your billiard table according to your needs.

You are free to customize the convertible billiard table you have chosen via our online 3D configurator according to your desires, your expectations and your interior design. As for the tabletop that allows you to transform your billiard table into a dining table, it is available in all our wood colors and all types of glass in the following different formats:

  • Full glass table top.
  • Full wood table top.
  • Table top in glass and wooden frame.

Transform your billiard table into a poker or ping-pong table

In addition to billiards, you play table tennis or poker? Thanks to the convertible billiard table, you can vary the pleasures by adding an option on the back of the tabletop. In fact, having a pool table that converts to a poker or ping-pong table has never been easier. Combine your hobbies with a convertible billiard table. For a perfect fit in your home, both options are customizable. Many choices of poker mat colors are available.