Zoom on artistic billiards and trickshots.

  • 1 October 2021
Artistic billiards Trickshots - Billards Toulet

American billiards, French billiards, snooker or even 8 Pool, these are the main modes of play in the world of billiards. However, there are many variations such as artistic billiards and so-called fantasy billiards or trickshots.

What is artistic billiards ?

Artistic billiards is a discipline in its own right of French billiards. This is played on a 3m10 (10 ft) French billiard table with the same balls as the carom. Although it is less well known than American billiards or snooker, competitions are held all over the world.
Two players face off against a jury that analyzes the different imposed tricks. They have 3 tries to do it correctly. There are 100 in this game mode. The best known are the massé, the retro, the coulé or the whipped. These are highly technical and very spectacular shots.
One of the best-known players in this discipline is undoubtedly Jean Reverchon : triple world champion, world record holder, 4 times winner of the Canal + trophy.

What is the difference with trickshots, fancy billiards ?

Fantasy billiards is a more original and freer version than artistic billiards. No limit in the figures. Anything is possible to invent new moves called trickshots such as using obstacles. This is a real technical spectacle. The players are virtuosos.

Venom, the great master of the trickshot

Florian Kohler aka Venom is surely the best known in the world for his undisputed mastery of trickshots. His talent is limitless and allows him to constantly invent new moves. He has created more than 1,000 of them. At only 33 years old, this Frenchman has been able to impose a new style and shake up this discipline. His performances are simply impressive and hypnotic. Discover his universe and his advice.