The “Black Bi”, an exceptional limited-edition art billiard table

The result of a collaboration between Billards Toulet and Frédéric D.Driani, this masterpiece celebrates French excellence and the short circuit.

The “Black Bi” art pool table is part of the “Étirement” collection by designer Frédéric D.Driani. This collection is characterized by an organic, futuristic design, where each piece becomes a sculpture in itself. The meticulous, refined workmanship of each component lends the whole an unequalled singularity.

The stretching effect of the base, a veritable artistic feat, transcends the material to create a captivating illusion of elasticity. The artist’s vision transforms raw materials into fluid, dynamic forms, evoking the malleability of a substance in perpetual transformation.

Limited edition of 8
Creation : Frédéric D.Driani
Credits photos : David Coppieters

Black Bi art pool table limited edition organic Billards Toulet
high end artistic billiard wooden organic Black Bi - Billards Toulet
wood artistic pool table Black Bi - Billards Toulet
art pool table wooden limited edition Black Bi - Billards Toulet

The dialogue between tension and suppleness, rigor and lightness, makes each billiard table a unique work of art, where the material seems to move and stretch with fascinating elegance.
The “Black Bi” art pool table goes beyond its initial function to become an exceptional piece, a testament to Frédéric Degroote’s creative genius and revolutionary approach.


Frédéric D.Driani, French sculptor, cabinetmaker and designer, gives his creations modern lines in which handcrafted curves intertwine. Woodwork and design make each piece a unique work of art.

With his extensive experience in woodworking, he can immediately visualize the results of his 3D mental sketches, and many are the ideas that assail his imagination, nourished as much by his love of the material as by his love of design and nature.


The “Black Bi” is made from French ash wood, selected locally to guarantee impeccable quality and a minimal ecological footprint.

Each piece of wood is meticulously gouged, a technique that gives the billiard table a raw, natural look. The wood is then blackened using a unique in-house process, creating a visual effect of burnt wood without it actually being burnt.

  • Pool table 2m40
  • One-piece slate 19 mm
  • Metal frame
  • French ash wood frame
  • Competition-quality Simonis cloth
  • Black leather pockets
  • Limited edition of 8
  • Accessories included: 4 cues, 1 set of balls, 1 wall-mounted cue holder, 1 triangle, 1 brush and 1 box of chalk

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billiard table art Frederic Degroote Driani Creation - Toulet

The “Black Bi” project is the fruit of a meeting between two enthusiasts. Toulet, a manufacturer of customized billiard tables since 1857, and Frédéric D.Driani, a French sculptor, cabinetmaker and designer. Together, they fused their aspirations and skills, giving birth to a one-of-a-kind art billiard table.

billards Toulet french manufacturer billiards Frédéric Degroote David Coppieters