Competition pool tables

The billiards of the Competition range are used during official competitions. They respect the regulatory dimensions by scrupulously following the standards of the competition. Each competition billiard table can be customized according to your taste. You can thus install a professional billiard table that perfectly matches your decoration.

The competition pool tables manufactured by Billards Toulet :


Born of the collaboration of Toulet and the champion Christophe Lambert.


The 8Pool competition billiard that meets official standards.


A technical and design billiard imagined with Richard Bitalis.


A real snooker pool table for competitions.


A French billiards with standards for the competition.


Another game mode to vary the pleasures.


The exceptional work of the structure of this pool table.


American pool table for competitions.


A Third Match pool for competitions.

Pool tables for amateurs and professionals

Whether you are a professional or a seasoned billiard player, you can practice on our competition pool tables. Thus, they make it possible to reproduce the same conditions of play which the professional players like.

These billiards perfectly meet the competition criteria :

  • Professional players’ billiards : Billards Toulet teamed up with professional billiards players Christophe Lambert and Richard Bitalis to create two exceptional billiards for the competition.
  • French competition pool tables : Carambole billiards is the ultimate competition billiard !
  • Competitive snooker for professionals who are passionate about snooker.
  • Luxury competition pool tables : French competition billiards, moreover they are now available in luxury version !

Whether you are amateurs or professionals demand quality ! Since its creation in 1857, Toulet has accompanied many players in competition. On this point, Toulet billiards have nothing more to prove … These players know perfectly the billiards on which they play daily. What more could a manufacturer hope for from having the most experienced and demanding users , to test the products that will soon be at your home…  Johan Lorek (billiards snooker), Roger Dumortier (billiards blackball), Richard Bitalis (billiards french)…

French billiards will allow you to further improve your technique. As for American billiards or blackball, they will be more appreciated for their playfulness.

For more than 100 years, Toulet has distinguished itself in the competition world: carom, blackball, eight-ball, snooker.

Below are some competitions Toulet has participated in :

French Snooker championships, 1978 and 1981; European championships, French artistic billiards, 1987; European snooker championship, 1997; European championships, French three-cushion billiards, 2000; world championships, cadre, 2003; world championship, French artistic billiards, 2005; world championship, French 47:2, 2006; French championship, blackball, 2012; multi-event championship, 2011, Castres; French championship, snooker, 2010, world championship, blackball, 2010; FFB Open and French Cup, 2011; women’s European championship, French three-cushion, 2011; and more…

Competition billiard 8 Pool - Billards Toulet