Classic Billiard Tables

The Classic line of billiards is a traditional looking billiard table that can be fully customized. You can choose the size, the game mode, the wood finish, the carpet color and other specificities for each model. Choose a classic billiard table made in France that matches your taste.

The Classic billiard collection : technique and tradition


Inclined sides and refinements of finishes.


High-end finish in 19th style.


Noble line and elegance.


The central table of the house!


The “gentleman-like” style par excellence!


The pleasure of old homes!

Our classic billiards are fully customizable and made :

  • solid wood, for an undeniable quality and a great play pleasure
  • with a metal frame, ensuring flatness is guaranteed for life.

All you have to do is choose the finishes ! All game modes are possible ! American, French, 8Pool or mixed billiards.

The classic range of Toulet Billiards is …

Discover our range of classic billiards and succumb to the charm of the Billiard Empereur. Thanks to its sloping sides and the refinement of its finishes, the Empereur billiard table is one of the most beautiful pool tables in the Toulet range. Its technical characteristics are those of competition billiards.

The Empereur Luxe billiard will seduce you with its line inclined flanks inspired by a 19th style imposes the Empereur Luxe as evidence for connoisseurs. Confront a pool with noble lines, face the simplicity of its material with the vintage Emperor billiard: a pickled wood, revealing its history, a patinated signature, pockets in vintage leathers … Ote all varnish, or shades that have covered in the past … Leave room in your interior to this charming room, which will bring elegance and refinement to your interior.

Confront a pool with noble lines, face the simplicity of its material with the Empereur Vintage Luxe billiard.

Combine the daily with the pleasure of the game. The billiard Excellenceof Toulet deserves to be placed in the center of your house. In the dining table position for convivial meals or in game position for lively evenings, it will give you all the pleasure of excellence in everyday life!

Lovers of beautiful homes of yesteryear, the Renaissance billiard is for you ! Recreate at home the sweetness of life and share exciting and animated hours around a game of billiards.

The charm of classic billiards lies in their refined, historic style. The tables are designed with an attention to detail that evokes traditional craftsmanship. Finely carved wooden ornaments, delicate inlays and elegant finishes bear witness to an era in the history of billiards.

No need to expand your home to accommodate your new classic pool : our billiards have a table top, easily finding their place in a dining room. Are you a fan of other games ? Table tennis tables or poker games are also adaptable to your classic billiard table.