Basic Billiards

Our range of basic billiards :

The range of basic billiards is perfect to start learning. These billiard tables are the same you can use in billiards establishments. They have a modern and simple aesthetic. They are perfect for recreation rooms.

Basic billiard - Le CL - Pool table black - Toulet

The ideal billiard to live, play and eat around.

Pool table basic Pearly - Billiards Toulet

A subtle mix of elegance, modernity and technicality.

Billiards game room Bubbly - Billiards Toulet

The timeless pool table signed Toulet.

Pool table in wood - The Week-end - Billards Toulet

Sober and elegance, you can choose his feet.

Basic billiard Country - Billiards Toulet

The billiard you come across in the places of relaxation.

Pool table convertible into a table Sweet Home - Toulet

The billiard ambassador of the conviviality of the game.

Blackball pool table - Billiards Toulet

The billiard design that appeals to the whole family.

Pool table Golf - Cork billiard table - Toulet

Vary the pleasures with this other game mode.

Ambiance pool table - Billiards Toulet

You will like the warmth of wood and its curves.

What is a Basic Billiard according to Toulet ?

Pool tables are the same as those found in billiard halls, bowling alleys and even billiard clubs. They observe the regulatory dimensions by scrupulously following the standards of the competition.

Billiards are like all the billiards signed Toulet manufactured in our workshops in France. This workshop and our craftsmanship allow us to customize your billiard as you wish.

Each billiard that comes out of our workshop is unique, a true work of art!

Create your recreation room at home thanks to Univers Toulet :

And to make the party even tougher, why not choose a golf billiard, more commonly known as mushroom billiard?

For your game room, you need a foosball! For those who like to play solo, why not choose a pinball? And to perfect your playroom, nothing better than a jukebox that will set the mood for your evenings with friends.