Empereur Vintage billiard at the heart of the Amelie, Maison d’Art galleries in Paris and New York.

  • 24 May 2024
classic billiard table amelie gallery art new york - billards toulet

A welcoming art gallery accessible to all

Amelie, Maison d’Art, founded in 2015 by Amélie Du Chalard, stands out for its innovative approach to the art market. The gallery showcases both established artists and emerging talents. It offers a diversity of art, from painting to sculpture, including works on paper and photography.

On the occasion of the opening of her new gallery in New York’s Soho district, Amélie Du Chalard explains her vision of the gallery profession to WallPaper magazine. This comprehensive article gives an insight into the layout of this new space dedicated to art lovers and one-of-a-kind pieces. She explains her desire to contrast with the often austere ambience of traditional galleries. Her aim is to reinvent the art gallery, making it both welcoming and more accessible.

Empereur Vintage billiard surrounded by works of art

To reinforce the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the space, the owner chose to add a Toulet billiard table in classic style.

The Empereur Vintage billiard table, the flagship model in the classic range, naturally takes its place at the heart of the gallery. This elegant and refined billiard table, a real favorite with lovers of authentic pieces, blends harmoniously with the sublime works of art. It contributes to the gallery’s convivial atmosphere.

What’s more, games of billiards have become an essential part of the chic evenings organized by the gallery.


Want to discover the world of Amelie, Maison d’Art? Two essential addresses: Paris: 18 rue Séguier 75006 and New York: 85/87 Mercer Street 10012