Additional Services

Specialists since 1857, Billards Toulet offers a range of services related to the world of billiards.

If you have an old billiard table and you wish to give it a new life, our team can take care of its complete restoration. If you wish to personalize it, Billard Toulet proposes you a service of relooking. Transform your billiard table with a new cloth or a new color of the structure. It is even possible to change the base to give it a new style.

Moreover, our team is specialized in moving your billiard table whether it is for your own move or for a sale.

Maintenance is also very important to keep your billiard table as long as possible. Discover the different services for the maintenance of billiards and accessories.

We answer you

How much space do I need for a pool table? Can a piece of furniture be in the way? Can a billiard table be installed next to a fireplace? Will the cloth lighten in the sun? How long does it take to receive my pool table? Where do you store the cradles when you want to play pool? Is it possible to install a billiard table on a floor that is not straight?

The purchase of a billiard table can generate many questions about customization, technique, installation or other specific subjects. We bring you many answers via our Frequently Asked Questions. Our team is also available by phone to help you choose your billiard table.