Antique Tables

old billiards, renovated by Billards Toulet
renovation of old billiards Toulet
renovation of old billiards Toulet

Each table is restored to your specification after purchase. Choose the billiard style that you prefer — French, pool, or mixed (with plugs), as well as the finish (unfinished, waxed, varnished, or patinated) and the color of the cloth.

The table is restored with the vintage look kept in mind while also incorporating modern personal touches, if you wish. We can also provide you with antique accessories that will go perfectly with your table, such as lighting, cue racks, and counters.

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Toulet accessories

Toulet offers a set of old accessories : pool cue racks, abacus (point counters), taxi-billiards, poster with the rules of the game, …

Some accessories date from the 1800s. Depending on their condition, they are restored and can be personalized. Indeed, the old point counters for example which have a fabric bottom can be personalized. The fabric can be the same as that of your pool table.

Discover the various restored period accessories, directly available on the Accessories site.

The older the friend, the better !

Each billiard table has its history, its experience, its traces which shows us the passage of time. More than time, it’s the value you bring to your pool that makes it so precious.

Combine the charm of the old with your decor !

Our desire is to bring you satisfaction and the pleasure of playing but also to appreciate the quality of noble materials. Our Toulet billiards, true works of art, will bring an old style to your decor.

Our teams dedicate their know-how to you : from changing carpets and strips, to renovating the cabinet, moldings or marquetry. To vary the pleasures, we transform your French billiards into American billiards or mixed billiards by plugs (system allowing to play at the same time the French game mode and the American game mode).

Cutting-edge techniques that our technicians master to perfection ! Without touching the piece of furniture, the cut is made inside the billiard table then the slate is cut in order to insert the pockets that will accommodate the balls.

Do you prefer an old billiard table to a new one ?

For all those who love old houses, luxuries, old mansions or simply the desire to combine the old with the modern, our range of heritage billiards, reissue of old billiards, will seduce you !

The old Toulet billiards will bring satisfaction, to connoisseurs as to initiates, to play on a perfect technical surface (silence, precision, benchmarks of play, flexibility) and that of owning a piece of furniture of exceptional quality.

Want to create a 19th century atmosphere ? Are you looking to accessorize your old pool table ?

Go back in time and discover our range of old accessories : from the 1880 abacus in dark walnut with carved numbers to the wall tailgate in pickled oak, passing by the vintage playing rule…. There is something for every taste. Full of nostalgia and seasoned enthusiasts, come and feel the soul of these objects that have stood the test of time.

Our desire is to give you the best ! High quality materials with precise play. With Toulet billiards, opt for 100% French manufacturing !