Billiard and garden table: which table top to choose to transform your outdoor pool table?

  • 28 June 2024
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The fusion of leisure and functionality comes into its own with an outdoor billiard table that can be converted into a dining table. This versatile piece of furniture brings a touch of elegance and entertainment to your garden, while optimizing the available space.

The billiard convertible into a garden table: a versatile and elegant piece of furniture

A billiard table convertible into a dining table is an ingenious two-in-one piece of furniture that allows you to enjoy the pleasures of billiards and the utility of a dining table at the same time. This concept is perfect for outdoor use, where space can be at a premium and multi-functionality all the more appreciated.

The advantages of a convertible outdoor billiard table :

  1. Space-saving: Ideal for terraces and gardens where every square meter counts, a convertible billiard table lets you enjoy a play area and a dining area without cluttering up your outdoor space.
  2. Conviviality: By quickly transforming a play area into a dining area, it’s easy to go from a game of billiards to dinner with friends or family.
  3. Aesthetics: Customizable to your tastes, your outdoor billiard table will fit in perfectly with your space.

Which tabletop to choose?

To transform your billiard table into an elegant garden table, there are several options available. Each type has its own characteristics, depending on your aesthetic preferences.

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All-wood top

An all-wood top offers a warm, traditional look. This choice is particularly appreciated for its authentic, timeless look, which blends harmoniously into a natural setting.

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All-glass top

A glass top adds a touch of modernity and lightness to your convertible billiard table. This choice is ideal for those seeking a contemporary, refined look.

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Mixed top: Glass with wood frame

A mixed top combines the advantages of wood and glass, offering an aesthetic and practical compromise. The wood frame adds a warm touch, while the glass center adds brightness and modernity.

Durable materials and customization

When it comes to choosing a convertible outdoor billiard table, the quality of materials is paramount. Weather-resistant woods, tempered glass and specific treatments are essential to guarantee the durability and resistance of your outdoor furniture.

Customization: Numerous customization options are available to suit your specific tastes and needs. Whether you prefer an exotic wood, a particular stain or specific finishes, every detail can be adjusted to create the outdoor billiard table of your dreams.

Transforming your outdoor billiard table into a dining table is a clever way to maximize the use of your space while adding a touch of entertainment to your garden. The choice of top, whether wood, glass or mixed, allows you to personalize your table according to your aesthetic and practical preferences. By opting for resistant materials and taking advantage of customization possibilities, you can create an outdoor space that’s functional, convivial and elegant.