The overflowing table top, the ideal solution to transform all billiard tables.

  • 18 January 2024
Overflowing table top billiard convertible Empereur - Toulet

The billiard table, synonymous with conviviality and entertainment, often takes pride of place in the dining room. However, for some models of billiard tables, converting them into dining tables can be a challenge, mainly due to the height under the billiard frame. Faced with this constraint, the ideal solution lies in the clever use of the overflowing table top.

Adaptation for all billiard tables

Some billiard tables, due to their shape or design, do not allow for easy transformation into dining tables. Traditional table tops stop at the contours of the billiard frame. For these models, there is therefore little legroom once seated. For example, this is the case with the Empereur billiard table from the classic collection, the Blacklight and Whitelight billiard tables from the design range, or the Weekend relaxation billiard table.

classic black pool table red cloth US balls Empereur - Billards Toulet
Customize design billiard table luxury Blacklight - Billards Toulet

A practical solution

To ensure that all billiard tables can be used as dining tables or poker tables, we have developed the overflowing table top. Specifically designed for billiard table models with particular shapes, this tray extends beyond the limits of the billiard frame, providing an additional clearance of 20 cm all around. This ingenious feature ensures that the space under the frame is sufficient to allow comfortable legroom, creating a pleasant dining experience.

One of the key advantages of the overflowing table top lies in its versatility. By transforming your billiard table into a dining table, you maximize the use of space, allowing the room to serve both as a gaming area and a dining room. This is particularly advantageous in places where space is limited, offering a clever solution to optimize the functionality of your living space.

overflowing table top for billiard table Empereur - Billards Toulet


In addition to its practical functionality, the overflowing table top does not sacrifice aesthetics. It harmoniously adapts to your billiard table, creating an elegant and refined dining table. For even more leisure, the reverse side of the tray can optionally transform into a poker table.


Enjoy a comfortable dining experience with the overflowing table top. Your billiard table becomes the center of attraction, whether for gaming or moments of sharing around a meal. Personalize your billiard table according to your preferences directly on the online configurator. A playful tool allowing you to visualize your future billiard table and project it into your room through virtual reality.