Test and choose all the features of your future billiard table with our online configurator. This fun, practical tool lets you visualize your customization choices and get a free quote. Live a new experience with augmented reality.

How do I configure my Toulet pool table?

First, select the model you’re interested in. You can then choose an environment. The 360° Photo Studio is an interactive environment in which you can manipulate the billiard table: zoom in, turn it in all directions. Ideal for appreciating the details of each billiard table.

The thematic ambiances: Haussmannian, Modern, Loft, Classic and Contemporary, are ideal for testing your choices in harmony with a particular decorating style. These ambiances do not allow you to zoom in on the billiard table.

You can then choose from all the customizable features of the billiard table: dimensions, colors and finishes, cloths, game mode, ball colors, pockets, table top, poker, ping-pong, cues.

To receive a quotation by e-mail, simply fill in the final form.

The Augmented Reality experience: project your billiard table directly into your living room!

Discover a whole new dimension with our Augmented Reality experience dedicated to your future billiard table! Immerse yourself in the magic of seeing your personalized billiard table come to life directly in your living room, thanks to our 360° Photo Studio.

augmented reality pool table - Billards Toulet
augmented reality pool table configurator 3D innovation Billards Toulet

How does it work?

Use the 360° Photo Studio on your cell phone or tablet. Personalize your billiard table as you wish. To project your billiard table in your room, simply click on the augmented reality button and follow the instructions.

Our tips for perfect projection:

  • Use a recent cell phone or tablet.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection for a smooth experience.
  • Have the empty space dedicated to the pool table for a smooth projection.

Need help?

Whether you need advice on customization, information on available options, delivery details or assistance using the configurator, our team is on hand to help you create the billiard table of your dreams.

Immerse yourself in the Augmented Reality experience and transform your billiard dream into a captivating virtual reality!