Outdoor Range

    Billard outdoor

    Whether there’s not enough space indoors to put a billiard table, or whether you just like to take advantage of your outdoor spaces on nice days… The outdoor billiard table is made for you.

    The tables in the Outdoor range are specially designed to be used outside.

    Outdoor tables use materials that resist water and bad weather. Water drainage, anti-rust treatment, water-resistant cloth, and more.

    The models in the Outdoor range are perfect under a pergola, in the shade of a patio, or next to the pool. You’ll love hosting billiard games outdoors with friends and family on warm summer evenings. Everything has been designed for outdoor use: metal chassis and ball return with anti-rust treatment, anti-rust coated slate, anti-UV-treated cloth, and perforated hardware to enable water to drain.

    The teak table will charm you with its refinement and the remarkable quality of the wood. We use Burmese teak of exceptional quality. It is a flawless, fine wood. It is naturally treated to repel moisture.