Outdoor Range

Discover our range of billiards specially designed for outdoor use. To enjoy the beautiful days in all serenity: quality, robustness and design are our watchwords! Available in several game modes (American, French, snooker, English or mixed billiards), you can customize your outdoor billiard table during its configuration.

Outdoor billiards: exceptional billiards!


The ultimate outdoor pool table


The charm of teak


Combination of natural stone and ceramic


The game of transparency


Outstanding design


An innovative design billiard table

Discover the pleasure of outdoor billiards with our selection of outdoor billiard tables!

Are you short of space indoors to install a billiard table, or do you simply prefer to enjoy the sunny days on your terrace? Choose a billiard table designed specifically for outdoor use. Our outdoor models are perfect for installation under a pergola, by the pool, or even in the shade of the patio.

Everything is designed to withstand the elements: rust-proof metal frame and ball receptacle, UV-resistant cloth. With our 100% outdoor billiard tables, you’re all set for outdoor games!   Read More

Installing an outdoor billiard table on your yacht

It may seem incompatible to combine the pleasure of sailing with the practice of billiards. How can you combine the movements of a boat with the essential flatness of a billiard table? Billards Toulet has risen to the challenge and designed the first gyroscopic design billiard table.

Discover the customization possibilities of this outdoor billiard table, designed for installation on yachts and cruise ships.

Discover gyroscopic billiards