Outdoor Range

Discover our range of billiards specially designed for outdoor use. To enjoy the beautiful days in all serenity: quality, robustness and design are our watchwords! Available in several game modes (American, French, snooker, English or mixed billiards), you can customize your outdoor billiard table during its configuration.

Outdoor billiards: exceptional billiards!


The charm of teak


Combination of natural stone and ceramic


An innovative design billiard table


The game of transparency


Outstanding design


A billiard table adapted to yachts

We don’t always have enough space indoors to place a billiard table, or we simply like to enjoy our outdoors on nice days… The outdoor billiard table is made for you.

Design and robustness, the perfect match for your outdoor billiard table!

The mild summer evenings are coming and you want to enjoy your outside while having fun? The models in the outdoor range are perfect for use under the pergola, by the pool or in the shade of the patio.

Everything is designed for outdoor use: metal frame and ball receptacle with anti-rust treatment, anti-uv treated carpet… 100% outdoor pool table!

Teck for sunny days!

Of an impeccable quality, teak is a noble and flawless wood. Specially treated for outdoor use, it harmonizes perfectly in your exterior. Customizable, create your custom billiards. From the choice of its dimensions to the smallest detail, configure the carpet of your dreams!

The Blacklight outdoor version!

Design and refined, the blacklight has a structure made of stainless steel to prevent billiards from rusting, an anti UV and waterproof treated carpet, an integrated rainwater evacuation system: everything has been thought of to offer you a billiard table weather resistant design!

Pearl Kerrock : a clean design designed for the outdoors!

Discover our range of billiards which combines elegance of materials, hardness of natural stone and beauty of ceramics! For lovers of outdoor elegance!

Play with transparency with the Carat Light billiards.

Entirely designed in glass, the Carat Light design billiard table is also available in an outdoor version. Ideal for dressing your contemporary exterior.

The Whitelight outdoor pool table with futuristic lines.

From the luxury range, the Whitelight outdoor pool table impresses with its harmonious and futuristic lines. Its outdoor version will allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor pool games.

From billiards to the dining table: Your billiards adapts to your desires!

With our 100% modular billiards, enjoy a friendly moment with friends or family. Simply add a tray to your pool table to turn it into a dining table. A clever idea that will allow you to save space in your outdoors but also to create a surprise!

Outdoor billiards, a pool table that brings the whole family together around a single passion!

Because there is something for everyone, we offer a wide range of billiards from French billiards to 8 pool and American billiards. Whether you like billiards for its decorative or fun side, it will unite you around the same passion: that of the game! With family, friends, from 7 to 107 years old, long hours of fun and convivial moments guaranteed!