The Empereur snooker pool table integrates an exceptional project of the agency Design By Uber.

  • 13 May 2022
Empereur Snooker pool table black gold cloth - Billards Toulet

Within the framework of a complete project of interior installation, the agency Design By Uber carried its choice on a billiards snooker Empereur personalized for the space of games. Billards Toulet reveals you this project of exception.

Design By Uber, an interior design agency with exceptional projects

Formerly known as The Design Practice by UBER, the interior design agency has been creating custom interiors for the most demanding clients for over 10 years.

With a team of 14 engineering designers, the agency can realize any type of interior project worldwide. From ultra-modern apartments to complete reconstruction and luxury hotels. Each project is studied in great detail and of exceptional quality to meet the client’s requirements.

A magnificent contemporary playroom with the Empereur snooker pool table

Set in the rolling countryside of northern England, this contemporary property has been thought through to the last detail. The interior design fits perfectly into the property. Layering is used to great effect, using complementary and contrasting textures to create a sophisticated look.

The primary requirement was to ensure a natural flow between the private and open spaces such as the bar and game room. Design By Uber was able to implement this seamless flow through the home perfectly.

For the games room, Billards Toulet had the honor of creating a custom snooker pool table in black with a gold cloth. It fits harmoniously with the contemporary decoration of the room.

From the curved backlit alabaster bar to the large porcelain walls, to the floating oak fireplace with bronze inlaid details, to the illuminated recessed ceiling, each element of the design works in symbiosis to create the perfect experience.

Check out the full project by Design By Uber including the custom Empereur snooker pool table as well as other exceptional interior design projects.