Modern Billiard Tables

Outdoor pool table Teck

Summer weather is coming, enjoy a billiard table specially designed to be used indoor and outdoor !

100% outdoor

Rustproofed frame and pockets, fastenings perforated to allow water flow , special outdoor polyester cloth, rubber pockets, varnished slate, rustproof coating. Billiard table on casters. Anti-moisture protective canvas and graphite cues with plastic ferrules included.

100% quality :

patented metal frame, rectified slate: 19 mm (190/210) and 30 mm (larger sizes) with added tighteners. This structure guarantees your billiard table for life against any distortion of the playing surface, and ensures perfect flatness. Rubber cushions meet all competition standards. Iwan Simonis competition-quality cloth.

100% adjustable :

The Teck can easily be turned into a dining table with the addition of a wooden or glass top (various options available). We offer made-to-measure chairs, benches, and bars in styles that complement your billiard table. You can choose the table style you prefer: Carom, blackball, eight-ball, or mixed.

Technical specifications :

The Outdoor pool table Teck is made of solid teak, certified. It is a refined and flawless wood, of perfect quality. It is specially treated for outdoor use.

Below, a summary of the various options we offer :

The Teck pool table is available in all sizes. It adapts to all spaces.

1.90 m (6 ft) with slate thickness 20 mm
2.10 m (7 ft) with slate thickness 22 mm
2.20 m (7.2 ft) with slate thickness 30 mm
2.40 m (8 ft) with slate thickness 30 mm
2.60 m (8.5 ft) with slate thickness 30 mm
2.80 m (9.2 ft) with slate thickness 30 or 50 mm
3.10 m (10 ft) with slate thickness 60 mm
3.80 m (12 ft) with slate thickness 45 mm

Configure your Teck billiards according to the game mode :

  • American billiard
  • French billiard / Carom
  • English billiard / 8 Pool
  • Snooker
  • Mixed billiards by cushions or by plugs (from 2.20 m)
  • The Teck billiards can be transformed into a dining table as an option. It is also possible to add a poker or ping pong board.
  • It does not have a coin mechanism.
  • Multi-games by cushions or by plugs
  • Transformable into a table with a choice of full glass, full wood or glass / wood top
  • Leather pocket finish