Teck Billiard Table

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The Teck pool table, the contemporary outdoor model par excellence! Designed with resistant materials, it will find its place on a terrace as well as under a pergola. Ideal to enjoy your billiard table as soon as the sunny days arrive.

Teck pool table, indoor and outdoor

Your billiard table reflects your personality and your taste. If until now, the billiard table went inside your home, it now finds its place outside and will integrate perfectly with your environment.

The Teck billiard table is actually a range of Teck billiard tables. Each model is made of teak. We can find the Purity, Club, Broadway or Roundy billiards. A range of contemporary outdoor billiards that can be fully customized.

The Teck billiard table finds its place naturally on a terrace, in a patio or under a pergola thanks to its characteristics conceived for an outside use. With family or friends, enjoy the pleasures of the game in outdoor version.

Configure the billiard table of your dreams

Toulet offers a wide range of teak billiards. Choose your model among : Broadway, Club, Roundy and Purity. In order to guarantee an outdoor use, they are all designed in Teak. It is a very high quality wood species, highly appreciated for its durability. It is naturally treated for outdoor use.

The billiards of the Teck range have a galvanized frame and leveling jacks. The ball receptacles are treated against rust and decorated with special outdoor carpeting. The ball receptacle systems are drilled to allow water drainage and the screws are stainless steel.

Make it unique by customizing it, from the dimensions of the billiard table (from 190 cm to 380 cm), through the mode of play, American, 8 pool, French, snooker, mixed by cushions, to the color of the cloth (special outdoor waterproof and anti-UV): petrol blue, anthracite grey, old pink, ecru.

You are free to leave the natural color of the wood or to choose one of the 500 colors of wood stain. The latter ensures protection against UV and weathering and guarantees an optimal result.

100% modular as a billiard table

Add a top to turn your billiard table into a dining table. A friendly and easy to use alternative for all your moments with family or friends. Choose from our 100% glass tops in transparent, opaque or tinted finish. Ideal for prolonging summer evenings around a barbecue.

Whether you like billiards for its decorative or playful side, for its friendly or competitive spirit: it brings people together around the same passion, that of the game!

Pool table teck - outdoor - Billiards Toulet

The Teck pool table is available in all sizes. It adapts to all spaces.

  • 1.90 m (6 ft) with slate thickness 20 mm
  • 2.10 m (7 ft) with slate thickness 22 mm
  • 2.20 m (7.2 ft) with slate thickness 30 mm
  • 2.40 m (8 ft) with slate thickness 30 mm
  • 2.60 m (8.5 ft) with slate thickness 30 mm
  • 2.80 m (9.2 ft) with slate thickness 30 or 50 mm
  • 3.10 m (10 ft) with slate thickness 60 mm
  • 3.80 m (12 ft) with slate thickness 45 mm

Configure your Teck billiards according to the game mode :

  • American billiard
  • French billiard / Carom
  • English billiard / 8 Pool
  • Snooker
  • Mixed billiards by cushions or by plugs (from 2.20 m)
  • Choice of models: Purity, Broadway, Club, Roundy
  • Galvanized frame and leveling jacks
  • Slate
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant outdoor cloth: petrol blue, anthracite grey, old rose or ecru
  • Anti-rust ball receptacles
  • No coin mechanism
  • Accessories included: 4 cues, 1 set of marbles, 1 wall-mounted cue holder, 1 triangle, 1 brush and 1 box of chalk
  • Multi-play with strips or plugs
  • Convertible to a table with a choice of full-glass, full-wood or glass/wood top
  • Poker top
  • Ping-pong top
  • Leather pocket finish

Accessories included

Cue stick pool table - Billards Toulet

4 Cues stick

Ball games billiard table - Billards Toulet

1 billiard ball game

Cue rack billiard - Billards Toulet

1 wall cue rack

Triangle pool table - Billards Toulet

1 triangle

Billiard cloth brush - Billards Toulet

1 cloth brush

Blue chalk box accessoires Billards Toulet

1 blue chalk box

Non-contractual photo

Do you want customized accessories that perfectly match your billiard table? Discover our range of customizable cue racks, the collection of decorative balls with more than twenty colors to choose from, or the cues for all modes of play.