Basic Billiards


    The pool table Bubbly is aimed at those whose lifestyle is based around conviviality and simplicity.

    100% customizable :

    Wood color of your choice. Cloth color of your choice: more than 31 colors !All color charts here

    100% quality :

    legs made of solid wood (Kotibe). Rectified 19 mm one-piece slate. Centralized soundproof ball return. Rubber cushions meet all competition standards. Iwan Simonis competition-quality cloth.

    100% adjustable :

    The Bubbly can easily be turned into a dining table with the addition of a wooden or glass top (various options available). We offer made-to-measure chairs, benches, and bars in styles that complement your billiard table. You can choose the table style you prefer: Carom, blackball, eight-ball, or mixed.

    Below, a summary of the various options we propose :