Design Billiard Tables

Pearl design pool table

The technical aspects of a Pearl design pool table, couped with the purity and the lightness of a simple table.

100% customizable

To bring you the table of your dreams that fits best with your desires and your interior, Toulet lets you create it to measure and customize it from start to end, to make a unique object.

A billiard table convertible into a table

The Pearl, the design pool table par excellence, was created with a concern for aesthetics to satisfy those who dream of a billiard table convertible into a table … The frame and the thin, smooth and refined feet are the major assets of this model which fits perfectly into any interior, while remaining a solid billiard table thanks to its integrated metal frame.

Add a tray to transform your billiard table into a dining table … A modern, friendly and easy-to-use alternative for all your moments with family or friends. To choose from our trays: in glass with a wooden frame, 100% wood or 100% transparent, opaque or tinted glass.

Boards that can also be transformed into poker boards by adding a custom mat on the back. The trays are easy to set up and in seconds you can then set up a pretty table for everyday meals or special occasions. Adapt the board to your interior decoration and also discover our 100% customizable billiard accessories that will give the final touch to the atmosphere of your room (colored balls, cues, cue holders, lights, etc.).

Define the color of your billiard table from among more than 200 references, matte, satin, lacquered or metallic finish to choose from. Your Pearl can also be veneered with solid wood (made-to-measure species: oak, walnut, ebony, mahogany, etc.).

Pearl pool table 100% modular

Configure the design billiard table of your dreams from its external dimensions (from 210 to 260 cm) down to the smallest details: black rubber pockets or leather pockets (more than 100 colors), multi-game option by adding plugs, 30 Choice of carpet colors suited to the desired playing mode.

Trust the Billards Toulet teams to advise you in your choices to create a unique atmosphere.

To help you, here is a summary of the elements of the Pearl design billiard table:

Choose the size of your Pearl billiard table from the following :

  • 1.90 m with slate thickness 20 mm
  • 2 m 10 with slate thickness 20 mm
  • 2 m 20 with slate thickness 30 mm
  • 2 m 40 with slate thickness 30 mm
  • 2 m 60 with slate thickness 30 mm

Depending on the size of the pool table, the Pearl can be offered in the following different game modes :

  • American Pool
  • Carambole (French billiards)
  • 8 Pool (English billiards)
  • Mixed by plugs from 2 m 20
  • Metal frame
  • Slate
    Optionally convertible into a dining table
  • More than 200 color references
  • Matte, satin, lacquered or metallic finish
  • Does not have a coin mechanism
  • Full glass, full wood or glass / wood table top
  • Poker or Ping-pong board
  • Leather pockets finish
  • Multi-games by plugs (from 2m20)