Leather pool table vintage - Billiards Toulet

Billards Toulet advice: how to maintain your leather billiard table?

Whether it is made of solid oak, stainless steel or glass, it is important to maintain your billiard table to ensure its longevity. Here are some tips to maintain your leather billiard table. The leather billiard table, an easy but essential maintenance Just like sofas, handbags or leather clothes, the leather billiard table requires a…

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Purchase shuffleboard table - Billards Toulet

The shuffleboard table made in France by Toulet.

Very widespread in the United States, the shuffleboard seduces more and more European players. Toulet has been a billiard specialist since 1857 and is the only French manufacturer to offer Made in France shuffleboard tables. The shuffleboard game originating from Great Britain If you have had the opportunity to travel across the Atlantic, you have…

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dining table and billiard table design Le Lambert Table - Pool table - Billards Toulet

The billiard Le Lambert Table, the fusion between dining table and billiard.

Installing a billiard table that can be converted into a dining table without compromising the quality of the game is possible. Example with the Le Lambert Table billiard table which perfectly combines dining table and billiard. A competition pool table under the dining table Resulting from the collaboration with a professional 8 Pool player, the…

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Billiard table contemporary decoration - Billards Toulet

Design Mania selects the Toulet billiard table for a contemporary decoration.

The blog Design Mania, dedicated to interior design and architecture has selected 5 design objects for a contemporary decoration. For an original dining room, they chose a Pearl design pool table by Toulet. A selection of design and high-end objects The Toulet convertible billiard table has been selected among other design objects. The article highlights…

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High end games room leather Luxury - Billards Toulte

A high-end games room designed by Toulet.

As a manufacturer of custom billiards since 1857, Toulet regularly creates custom games spaces. Today, we’re sharing the creation of this high-end games room featuring a Blacklight pool table, shuflleboard, custom bar and other games. The games room for adults is usually organized around a pool or poker table. A high-end game room realization For…

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