Materials used wood, billiard manufacturer - Billards Toulet

Did you know ? The materials used in manufacturing billiard tables…

In the beginning, billiard tables were built of wood, and today materials have evolved, starting with the use of steel in 1980. However, wood remains, and will remain, an essential manufacturing element of billiard table construction, thanks to its noble character and the warmth it exudes. In building a Toulet wooden table, the choice of…

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French billiard table, Carom - Bitalis - Billiards Toulet

Do you know the French billiard ?

From the 1850’s, the game mode 3 French billiard or Carambole developed in France and knows an unprecedented success that attracts a large number of players and spectators. The quality of the first French Carom tables Toulet is such that players adopt this material for competitions and that the majority of the time clubs trust…

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Simonis cloth - Billards Toulet

Simonis cloth : the quality choice !

Toulet is very careful in selecting the raw materials it uses (such as wood and slate) when manufacturing its tables — and also in the selection and quality of cloths. Since 1680, Simonis has specialized in billiard-table cloth manufacturing. The Simonis brand is the gold standard in the field, and Toulet has trusted Simonis for many…

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TOULET : Winners of Responsible Economy awards

Toulet has just been awarded for its good business practices by the Alliances network of entrepreneurs for responsible growth. The goal: revitalize the business with better environmental efficiency. To learn more about this initiative, see this page   What is corporate social responsibility? Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of a business for the…

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