Bubble gum pink - original color - Billards Toulet

Bubble Gum pink, a new original color for your pool table cloth.

With more than thirty cloth colors, there are many possibilities to personalize your pool table. A new original color is added to the American cloth color chart: Bubble Gum pink. An original color Synonymous with good humor, pink is timeless. It spans decades and is no longer just for women. Fashion or decoration, this color…

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Modern Pool table Pop - Billiards Toulet

Zoom on the modern and original billiard table POP.

Inspired by the 80s, the Pop billiard table uses the codes of this original and quirky period. Indeed, the design takes a real turning point in its evolution. There are as many styles as there are designers. Zoom in on this original billiard table straight out of the 80’s. The design of the 80s While…

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Height billiards dining table - Billards Toulet advice

Billards Toulet advice : the height for a billiards dining table.

The billiards dining table is attracting more and more people wishing to buy a billiard table. Indeed, between saving space and the possibility of varying the pleasures in a single piece of furniture, the advantages no longer need to be demonstrated. The question of the height of the billiards dining table is a question we…

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Decoration trends summer 2021 - Billiards Toulet

The decoration trends for this summer 2021 by Billards Toulet.

Billards Toulet, specialist in personalized billiards, shares with you the decor trends for this summer. We find the main trends of the previous season but with the increasingly pronounced need to feel good at home. Natural materials, reassuring colors, vegetal decoration, … Focus on decoration trends for Summer 2021. Home Sweet Home With the many…

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Billards Toulet designers - Blacklight Spain

Femont Galvan Designers trusts Billards Toulet.

The Spanish magazine Interiores unveils the images of Villa La Herradura, a luxury and dream space located in the Marbella Club Hotel in Spain. The agency Femont Galvan Designers This article immerses us in this upscale two-story house, designed by architect Marcos Sainz. Its modern and sophisticated style was imagined and implemented by the design…

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Billiards Toulet leisure - American pool table

Billiards Toulet, always by your side for moments of leisure and sharing.

The beautiful days are coming, with, we hope, the gradual return to a normal life. We all aspire to find ourselves and resume our activities. Billiards Toulet : leisure, sharing and decoration Billiards Toulet, billiard specialist since 1857, offers quality products around which leisure, sharing and decoration are the key words. Our range of billiards…

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Pool table Blacklight design - Russian Salon Interiors - Billards Toulet

Russian Salon Interiors : The Blacklight billiard incorporates a modern apartment.

Billards Toulet regularly collaborates with many interior designers around the world. Today we present to you the interior architects Ekaterina Meshchanova and Anatoly Tyutin who trusted Billards Toulet for the realization of a Blacklight billiard table. The complementary duo created in 2015 their interior design agency Ekaterina Meschanova Interiors. A graduate of the Moscow Institute…

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What place do you need to install a pool table ?

Toulet advice : What space to install a pool table ?

You have wanted to buy a pool table for a long time, but you are wondering about its location. Indeed, this is THE first criterion to take into account and very often the first question that arises : do I have the necessary space to install a pool table ? Billards Toulet, billiards specialist since…

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