What options to customize my billiard Toulet?

  • 25 October 2019
What are the different options to customize my billiard Toulet details all the possibilities to create your own billiard.

That’s it, you are decided, you will order your pool Toulet! Now it remains to make the right choice in customization options to create the billiard at your image.

Choose the basic elements of my billiard

You have chosen the model among the different collections proposed, it is now necessary to select the game mode according to your practice: French carom, American pool, snooker or 8 Pool. You want to combine the game modes? The mixed option by cushions or plugs is ideal.

Then the choice of the size of the billiard is crucial. Indeed, it is necessary to adapt its dimension to your interior. Too small, it may not enhance it. Too big, it will seem inappropriate to you. From 190 to 380 cm, choose the right size to play in the best conditions.

Customize my billiard playing with colors and materials

You want to adapt your billiard to your interior decoration ? It’s entirely possible. There is no limit in the color of the billiard Toulet ! For the finish, choose between matte, glossy or lacquered. More technical, it is possible to add or not game sight spots (diamonds).

The color of the cloth is also a personalization option, with a choice of around thirty colors. And it’s not over ! Which pocket style to select ? Rubber or leather, and especially which color ?

You are almost there! Finally comes the choice of accessories. Toulet offers exclusive decorating balls, to match the color of your table, carpet or walls and pillows … Meringue, truffle, pistachio macaroon, baby blue, taupe, air bubble or Sienna … You will have the choice among 30 colors! And the cues of billiards? Which colors will you choose?

In addition to choose your billiard for the game and its decoration aspect, it is possible to join the useful to the pleasant. Indeed, opt for billiards convertible into dining table. Wood table top matching the billiard or in glass, you will also have the opportunity to add a poker top on the back or even a ping pong table.

All these decisions taken, the order is launched. At the factory, we activate! In a few weeks your personalized billiard and unique will leave our workshops to take its place in your home …