Deco Balls

Dare the color with billiard balls deco …

The Billards Toulet wish, in addition to the recognized quality of their billiard tables, allow you to always go to the end of your desires for personalization. Why not opt ​​for originality with deco balls.

Indeed, Toulet offers a wide choice of models, wood species, frame colors, cloths, and even colored leather pockets, which are all criterias to allow you to create a decorative billiard , a design pool table that suits you.

To offer you always more, we now offer you deco balls

To get out of classicism, we do not impose you anymore the only red and yellow balls.

A range of 25 colors are available : chilli red, candy pink, carrot, ocher yellow, emerald, khaki, electric blue, midnight blue, blackcurrant, absolute black, waxed concrete, mouse gray, umber, earth sienna, chestnut, pomegranate, nude, sand, ivory, pistachio, meringue, baby blue, air bubble, taupe and truffle ball.An 8 Ball, black of course, but also golden or silver.

Many colors topropose you harmony, a unique pool table, elegant, warm, energetic, … according to your desires and that only Billards Toulet offer you in accordance with our desire to make everything possible.

Discover now our decorating balls by realizing your configuration or our accessories space

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