The custom billiards Toulet travel around the world !

  • 11 October 2019

A billiard personalized and adapted to your environment.

Whatever the country or the type of dwelling : residence, apartment, holiday residence, hotel or bar, the teams of Billards Toulet regularly travel the world to install personalized and unique models !

Whether indoor or outdoor, the billiard is adapted to its destination location. Billiards will not have the same technical characteristics if it is to be installed in a cottage, on a terrace or in a boat. Indeed, from the design stage the materials are adapted to the installation conditions of the billiard table. For example, to support the salty airs of Saint-Tropez or Saint-Barthélemy, our teams will use 316 stainless steel. That’s why beyond the choice of colors, size or cloth, custom billiard is also in the choice of materials.

For parties all over the world with custom billiards !

Did you know ? Billards Toulet have already been delivered to more than 70 countries worldwide. To guarantee everyone quality billiards and a perfect installation, we adapt them to lifestyles and technical constraints.

We take you with us !

Billiard design in Brussels

The Blacklight in Brussels

Custom billiards Lambert

The Lambert in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia

Custom billiards - Design

The Whitelight in Miami

Billiard table Megève

The Megève in Megève

Pearl custom billiards

The Pearl in Saint-Tropez

Personal billiard design blacklight Dubai

The Whitelight in Miami

A billiards room Lounge in Dubai, a pool table to relax under a pergola in Greece, after skiing in a chalet in Megève or to complete a sea view in Saint Barthélemy… In any case, when custom billiard has arrived at the right address, there is more to admire the landscape and enjoy the pool parties.

Thanks to our teams of qualified installers, who roam the world, choose the pool of your dreams. Configure your billiard on line. We take care of everything ! Whether you are in Brussels, Macau, New York, Marbella, Miami or Marrakech, your billiard will be installed in the room of your choice, adjusted and delivered with all accessories. You just have to play and enjoy !