Choosing my table

Modern Pool table Pop - Billiards Toulet

Zoom on the modern and original billiard table POP.

Inspired by the 80s, the Pop billiard table uses the codes of this original and quirky period. Indeed, the design takes a real turning point in its evolution. There are as many styles as there are designers. Zoom in on this original billiard table straight out of the 80’s. The design of the 80s While…

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Height billiards dining table - Billards Toulet advice

Billards Toulet advice : the height for a billiards dining table.

The billiards dining table is attracting more and more people wishing to buy a billiard table. Indeed, between saving space and the possibility of varying the pleasures in a single piece of furniture, the advantages no longer need to be demonstrated. The question of the height of the billiards dining table is a question we…

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What place do you need to install a pool table ?

Toulet advice : What space to install a pool table ?

You have wanted to buy a pool table for a long time, but you are wondering about its location. Indeed, this is THE first criterion to take into account and very often the first question that arises : do I have the necessary space to install a pool table ? Billards Toulet, billiards specialist since…

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Pool table in wood - industrial - Iron - Toulet

The Iron, the modern pool table convertible into a table

Are you looking for a modern pool table convertible into a dining table ? Discover the many possibilities of the Iron pool table. Raw materials or custom finishes With standard customization, the Iron pool table has an industrial style. Its metal feet and wooden frame totally echo the flagship materials of this type of decoration.…

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Pool table convertible into a table - CL

Toulet advice : how to choose your table top ?

Ideal for quickly transforming your billiard table into a dining table, the table top is an increasingly popular option. Indeed, the advantages are numerous, in particular the optimization of space. Depending on the pool table chosen, there are several types of tops. First of all, be aware that the number of elements that make up…

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Accompanied and advised by billiard professionals.

Be accompanied and advised by billiard professionals.

What are the criteria to take into account when choosing my pool table ? How much space should I have around it ? What color of cloth ? Is it possible to have both French and American billiards ? … You can quickly get lost among all the things to consider when purchasing a pool…

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Pool table unique in wood - Billiards Toulet

The charm of the Megève wooden pool table, a unique piece.

Play on a unique and original piece With its old solid wood frame, the Megève pool table from the design collection appeals to a large number of people. The originality of the wood brings all its charm to this pool table. In fact, two types of wood are available for the Megève frame. Both come…

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Buy a pool table with slate - Billiards Toulet

Toulet advice : buy a pool table with slate.

When you want to buy a pool table, there are a number of points to take into account, such as the mode of play, aesthetics, size or even the budget of course. But you have to be careful with the technical characteristics of the billiards. Today we talk about the slate. A pool table is…

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Yacht pool table luxury - Toulet

Yacht and pool table : when two high-end universes meet.

What type of yacht are we talking about ? The term “yacht” encompasses several types of boats. Initially, it referred to both pleasure sailboats and motorized yachts. Over time, it was used more and more for luxury motor boats. Indeed, when we talk about yachts, we immediately think of large luxury boats. The term has…

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