Choosing my table

pool table wood light Iron - Billards Toulet

Choose the perfect contemporary billiard table for your interior.

Are you a billiards enthusiast who loves sleek, functional objects? Contemporary style is for you. For a perfect fit in your living space, let’s zoom in on what a contemporary billiard table is and how to choose the right one. What is contemporary style? Contemporary style is a term used to describe artistic trends, styles…

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choose cloth billiard table Pearl - Billards Toulet

Billards Toulet advice: How to choose the color of your billiard cloth?

Choosing the color of your billiard table’s cloth is a crucial decision that can influence both the aesthetics of your game room and your playing experience. Not only is the color of the mat a matter of personal preference, it can also have an impact on the visibility of the balls and, consequently, on the…

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autumun winter 2023 2024 decoration trends billards Toulet

Autumn-Winter 2023/2024 Deco Trends: Warmth and Balance

With temperatures slowly dropping, it’s time to dive into the Autumn-Winter 2023 2024 Deco trends. This season promises to bring a combination of comforting warmth and subtle balance to our interiors. From rich color palettes to natural materials and bold patterns, here’s a look at the trends that will shape our homes over the coming…

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billiard table convertible in table - Oak - white cloth - Purity - Billards Toulet

How much does a billiard table cost?

You’ve always wanted to buy a billiard table, but the price is holding you back? Before embarking on a purchase, it’s important to understand what determines the price of a billiard table, and above all, what type of pool table you’re looking for. The cost of a billiard can vary considerably depending on a number…

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Choose pool cue design Blacklight - Billards Toulet

Billards Toulet advice: how to choose a pool cue?

A pool cue is an essential piece of equipment for all pool players, whether they are beginners or advanced. But with the wide variety of cues available, choosing the right one can be a real challenge. Here are some tips from Billards Toulet to help you choose the right pool cue for your needs. The…

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outdoor pool table design terrace Whitelight Made in France - Billards Toulet

The Whitelight pool table is available in an outdoor version.

To fully enjoy your passion all year round, there is nothing like an outdoor billiard table. Robust, design and quality are the key words of the Toulet outdoor range. With its extraordinary design worthy of a work of art, zoom in on the top-of-the-range Whitelight Outdoor billiard table. Sumptuous and aerial lines Because the pleasure…

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dining table and billiard table design Le Lambert Table - Pool table - Billards Toulet

The billiard Le Lambert Table, the fusion between dining table and billiard.

Installing a billiard table that can be converted into a dining table without compromising the quality of the game is possible. Example with the Le Lambert Table billiard table which perfectly combines dining table and billiard. A competition pool table under the dining table Resulting from the collaboration with a professional 8 Pool player, the…

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Modern Pool table Pop - Billiards Toulet

Zoom on the modern and original billiard table POP.

Inspired by the 80s, the Pop billiard table uses the codes of this original and quirky period. Indeed, the design takes a real turning point in its evolution. There are as many styles as there are designers. Zoom in on this original billiard table straight out of the 80’s. The design of the 80s While…

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