Billiard game mode

All our billiards are offered in English pool (blackball), American poolFrench billiard (Carom), Mixed (except Relaxation collection) or any other mode if you want such as Bumper pool (played in Belgium) or Pyramid (played in Russia).

Up to you to choose the billard game mode you prefer.

Some explanations on these different game modes :

Rules for blackball - Pool table Toulet

English Pool (Blackball) :

Game played with 16 balls of 50.8mm (1 white, 1 black, 7 reds, 7 yellows).

It is played on small tables, officially 210 (7 ft).

Rules for blackball

Eight-ball or American Pool :

Game that is played with 15 balls numbered in color « spots and stripes »and 1 cue ballof 57.2mm. It is very appreciated for his varied rules of games. It is played officially on 280 (9 ft)tables.

Rules of american billiard

French Billiard (Carom) :

This game mode is played alone or with several players with 3 balls of 61.5mm. The particularity of this billiard is that it has no pocket. It’s a skill gamethat requires concentration.

It is played officially on 310 (10 ft) table.

Rules of french billiard

Snooker :

22 balls, 52.4 mm diameter (15 red, 6 colors, one white). It is played on 380 cm tables, and also on smaller tables for home versions.

Multi-games :

2 options: with cushions (all table sizes) or plugs.