Glass billiard - Carat Light - Icone - Toulet

The Carat Light glass billiard in the Icone magazine.

Aimed at lovers of design and a certain lifestyle, the latest issue of the ICONE lifestyle magazine presents quality articles, unique experiences and the discovery of beautiful addresses. The Carat Light glass billiard plays with transparency ! The magazine team does us the honor of highlighting Carat Light glass billiard from the Carat range. Indeed,…

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Pool Cue, Billiard Ball, Chessboard, ... Gift Ideas By Toulet!

Cue, balls, chessboard, poker … Gift ideas By Toulet !

Billiards Toulet, billiard manufacturer since 1857 offer a world of original games and accessories. The proof in pictures ! Gift ideas for billiard player Start by equipping yourself with a cue adapted to your game (Snooker, French billiards, American or 8 pool)  and your level. This will result the size, material, weight, the choice of…

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David Giovanni Man Cave

The BlackLight table in the Financial Time

Is this the ultimate man cave? Women say it’s like something out of Batman. Men say it’s like Iron Man’s garage. Has one Manchester-based major-league tech fan out California’d California and built the ultimate man cave, asks Jonathan Margolis. Giovanni’s man cave continues at a similar, out-California-ing California pitch. A polished resin floor reflects the…

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