Success of Blacklight pool table - Toulet

The success of Blacklight pool table, a timeless one !

Designed by Toulet designers, the Blacklight pool table continues to appeal to billiards players and decoration professionals. A pool table that perfectly combines game quality and innovation. We reveal the keys to the success of Blacklight pool table. A surprising and incomparable design. First, its design ! This high-end pool table is recognizable by its…

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8 pool and snooker player - Johan Lorek

Interview with Johan Lorek, snooker player and 8 Pool.

Johan Lorek, a 8 Pool and snooker player since his adolescence, answered all our questions. How did you find out about billiards ? How long have you been playing ? I’ve been playing since the age of 14. I discovered billiards thanks to my big brother who was playing D2 for fun in a cafe…

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Pearl Pool table design - Billiards Toulet

The Pearl pool table : practical and design.

Elegant and modern, the Pearl billiard table blends perfectly into a contemporary interior. Its structure and fine feet allow it to be transformed into a real dining table. Having exterior feet brings harmony to the entire pool table. When the table top is installed, you can’t guess that a pool table is hidden underneath. It…

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french billiard - Richard Bitalis - Toulet

Richard Bitalis, French billiard player answers our questions.

Known for his remarkable career as a French billiard player (carom), Richard Bitalis is a real expert in 3-strip billiards both in France and abroad. Indeed, 23 times Champion of France, 2 World Cups won, winner of the US Open in Chicago, Champion of the Netherlands, … He does us the honor today to answer…

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Transform french pool table into american pool table

Play French and American billiards thanks to mixed billiards.

Many billiards players enjoy playing several game modes : French billiards, American billiards or even snooker. Each game mode has its own rules and especially a specific pool table. Indeed, French billiards is played with 3 balls and on a playing surface without pockets. While American billiards is played with 15 balls to pocket. It…

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Convertible pool table into table tennis or poker table.

It is common to have multiple passions or to practice various disciplines. But some may take up more space than others. Indeed, having a ping pong table and a pool table for example in its interior, is not necessarily within everyone’s reach. This is why Toulet offers the convertible pool table. The ideal option to…

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Invention pinball machine - Toulet

Learn all about the invention of the timeless pinball machine.

Despite the ubiquity of video games, Billiards Toulet agree that few games can match the sensations of a real game of “electric billiards”, as we used to say ! In recent years, many people have contacted us to buy old coffee games. It is no longer the cafetiers who are interested in their customers but…

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transparent pool table signed Billards Toulet

The Carat Light : an design transparent pool table !

Toulet Billiards innovate once again with the Carat Light billiard entirely made of glass! This fully represents the know-how of the teams and the quality carried by the house Toulet. A model with elegance combining design and purity. Play on a transparent pool table Live an original experience by playing on a transparent pool table.…

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Billiards toulet la mamounia

An original games room in the heart of the palace hotel La Mamounia !

La Mamounia : an alliance between charm, elegance and hospitality The legendary 5-star Palace Hotel La Mamounia has been a jewel of Arab-Andalusian architecture for 95 years. People come here all year round to benefit from this exceptional setting. The establishment has always been able to combine Moroccan prestige and contemporary luxury. To remain a…

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