Blackball, 8 Pool and English billiards, what’s the difference?

  • 7 August 2020
Blackball billiards - 8 pool - English billiards - Toulet

Blackball, 8 Pool or even English billiards ? You have already heard these different names but you do not know what distinguishes them. These are actually different terms for the same game mode. We’ll explain.

The Origin of Blackball

The game of English billiards has its origins in English bars who wanted to install a small billiard table with simple rules. Indeed, the size of the American pool tables did not suit the rooms of the time. The rules have also been adapted from American billiards. No more numbers on the balls but colors : red and yellow (as well as the white ball and the black number 8). Mainly played in Anglo-Saxon countries, this game mode then seduced players from all over the world. (Re) discover the rules of English billiards.

Why different names to talk about Blackball ?

Depending on the country, this game mode is named in different ways. For example, in France we speak of English pool billiards while in English-speaking countries the term 8 Pool is used more. Except that the latter are too easily confused with American billiards : 8 ball. This is why in 2012 it was decided to give the name Blackball to this game mode in order to avoid confusion at the international level. The habits are still very marked. Reason why we still often see the different names.

The keys to its success

Blackball is popular for the size of its pool table. This smaller (2.12 m long) than American pool table allows it to be installed in all types of interior. In addition, thanks to the addition of a table top, the pool table quickly turns into a dining table. Billards Toulet offer many models available in this game mode. Competition billiards have also been developed with professional players in order to be able to acquire a quality and fully customizable Blackball billiard table. It is possible to customize your pool table via our online configurator.

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