How to combine a pool table and a desk ?

  • 11 September 2020
Pool table and desk Toulet - design

Do you telecommute and want to organize your office in a fun way ? With the development of remote work, more and more of us are working from home. It is also necessary to have the place and the adequate furniture.

Don’t have space for a pool table and a desk ?

No more hesitating between the two. A practical and fun solution exists : the pool table convertible into a desk. Indeed, with the addition of a table top, Toulet billiards can very easily be transformed into a desk. It is also possible to install it as a dining table. You then combine a pool table, desk and dining table. Ideal for saving space while enjoying this hobby.
Discover the pool tables that can be transformed into a desk. Design, classic, modern, there is something for all tastes and all budgets.

Already have a Toulet pool table ?

Pool table convertible into a desk - Toulet

It couldn’t be easier to transform your pool table into a desk. All you need to do is choose a tray that fits your custom pool table. Completely in glass or wood, or a mix of the two, the choice is yours. The table top is quickly installed on the pool table. So You can have a pool table convertible into a desk.

Changing lifestyles

Elimination of commuting time, reduction of stress, improvement of the quality of family life, many employees have discovered the advantages of teleworking. On the employer side, this practice can also be interesting : employee productivity, cost reduction, etc. We can therefore imagine that it will be established more.

This is why Toulet is constantly reinventing itself and offering new solutions to new habits.