The Whitelight, the new American high-end pool table from Toulet.

  • 22 July 2020
Billiards Toulet - Billiard Whitelight - black - design

Since 1857, Billards Toulet has been constantly reinventing and innovating to offer unique and quality models. New to the design collection, the Whitelight is a American high-end pool table with aerial shapes. Surprising and innovative, its lines bring a form of lightness to the entire structure. This original American pool table is proudly displayed as a work of art.

The personalization of this American high-end pool table

Available on the Toulet online configurator, the Whitelight pool table can be completely personalized. Indeed, it is possible to create a unique piece thanks to the following different elements. First of all, the color of the structure available in lacquered, matt or metallic paint from more than 500 references. The Simonis American billiard mat is available in more than 30 colors. Many combinations are therefore possible with the selection of colors.

Details make all the difference ! That is why the leather pockets are also customizable. Light gray, black croco, vintage, burgundy, … more than ten finishes available.

With Toulet, each pool table is unique and coordinates perfectly with the decoration of the place in which it will be installed.

To vary the pleasures in addition to pool table, the Whitelight can have a table top with poker mat. Ideal to fully enjoy this American high-end pool table with family and friends.

Choose Whitelight for its outdoor pool table

Also available in an outdoor version, the Whitelight American pool table is available as an outdoor billiard table. The materials used are designed specifically to withstand outdoor weather.

To go even further, it is even possible to install your American pool table on your yacht. Discover the details of this gyroscopic billiard table.

American high-end pool table Whitelight