The English Billiards

  • 3 March 2016
The billiards dates back to the 15th century and has continued to evolve over time. Initially practiced by the aristocracy in the absence to play croquet outdoors due to bad weather, this new game mode has gradually developed.
Thus, variants of billiard game appeared in other countries like England.
The pool tables were not adapted to the rooms ate this time, the dimensions were therefore reviewed giving rise to the English Billiards: billiards 8pool (2, 12 m * 1, 06 m – 6 pockets – small ball red and yellow).
An english billiards, certainly smaller than the american pool, but that offers so many possibilities of game and variant.
English billiards, also known as BlackBall is a very popular game mode. Its smaller size allows to place it in any living room. Whether you want a contemporary, classic table, design or rather antique, Billiards Toulet meet your expectations.
Choose the English billiard model that suits you best: choice of the essence of wood, the table color, the cloth color, the shape of the feet, options… Create a pool that looks like you.
Do not choose between the convenience of a dining room table and the leisure of a pool table: thanks to the addition of a wooden or glass table top, turn your pool into a real dining table. You will receive in a friendly atmosphere up to 8 guests, on a table of 2,10 m.
Note that the English billiards can also be carried out on larger dimensions.
Toulet also offers to build your space with furniture in accordance with your English Billiards: chairs, bars, stools, benches. The designer team will be happy to study your custom-made project!
Amaze your friends and become unbeatable on the rules for English billiards!