The English Billiards

The billiards dates back to the 15th century and has continued to evolve over time. Initially practiced by the aristocracy in the absence to play croquet outdoors due to bad weather, this new game mode has gradually developed. Thus, variants of billiard game appeared in other countries like England. The pool tables were not adapted…

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billard americain - billard toulet

Do you know the American pool ?

Billiards, also considered as a sport, is one of the most popular entertainment in the world. The story began under Louis XI, which at the time, the first pool tables were simple tables covered with a sheet, where colored balls were pushed with a curved stick at the end. All forms of existing pool tables…

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Billard contemporain Broadway - billard Toulet

Dining pool table

To have a pool table at home is a pleasure, as well for passionate people as for occasional players. Nonetheless, not everyone has the space needed to install it, the wish to change the organization or decoration of their room to place it. Good news: it is not necessary to rearrange a room for this matter…

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billard francais

Do you know the French billiard ?

From the 1850’s, the game mode 3 French Carom or Carambole developed in France and knows an unprecedented success that attracts a large number of players and spectators. The quality of the first French Carom tables Toulet is such that players adopt this material for competitions and that the majority of the time clubs trust…

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