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  • 7 November 2016
David Giovanni Man Cave

Is this the ultimate man cave?

Women say it’s like something out of Batman. Men say it’s like Iron Man’s garage. Has one Manchester-based major-league tech fan out California’d California and built the ultimate man cave, asks Jonathan Margolis.

Giovanni’s man cave continues at a similar, out-California-ing California pitch. A polished resin floor reflects the polished plaster ceiling and leads past a climate-controlled, leather-floored wine cellar housing 470 bottles of his favourite six wines, then to a fully fitted bar with booth seating where bottles are displayed within subtly backlit panels, and there is a mirror TV and bespoke pool table (€31,800) by French company Billards Toulet (it is, of course, the company’s flagship model). The air in the man cave is pumped in from outside by a domestic version of the Mitsubishi air-conditioning system used in similarly windowless Las Vegas gaming rooms.

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