Do you know the American pool ?

  • 8 February 2016
billard americain - billard toulet

Billiards, also considered as a sport, is one of the most popular entertainment in the world.

The story began under Louis XI, which at the time, the first pool tables were simple tables covered with a sheet, where colored balls were pushed with a curved stick at the end.

All forms of existing pool tables (American, French, English and Snooker) come from a long evolution, from the 15th century until today.

The American pool is now the most common type of pool internationally.

It is played on a rectangular table with 6 holes with 16 balls including 1 cue ball and 15 balls numbered 1 to 15.

It is no longer restricted to pool halls and evolved to meet the demand of many enthusiasts who want to have one table in their living room.

Billiards is now the furniture to have in the living room, thanks to Toulet, which offers models with an unusual design, innovative and stylish while maintaining impeccable quality of play.

All Toulet billiard models are feasible in American game mode and are the promise of relaxation and conviviality around this popular game for its varied rules.

Toulet offers you the option to fully customize your pool by choosing the model, the color, finishes, etc., to perfectly match your interior design and create a complete atmosphere.

Made to order for you, your billiard Toulet is at your image. Traditional or contemporary, with turned or square legs, in classic or more original colors, we offer a pool that suits you!

We also think in offering to the most precise of our customers some furnitures according to your American pool table, such as chairs, benches, chandeliers, or storage for the various accessories and a matching table tops stand.

For those wishing to spend a pleasant change and pass from American game into French Carom, Toulet offers plugs or cushions for the tables in all sizes. The choice is yours based on your desires!

Note that it is possible to play American pool on all table dimensions, however, it is officially played on tables of 2.80 meters.