The convertible pool table : many possibilities !

  • 3 January 2020
convertible pool table - Design - Billiards Toulet

The advantages of a convertible pool table

The modular billiards offered by Billards Toulet combine technicality and design. They are transformed into very few gestures from billiards to dining table, from billiards to poker table or even from billiards to ping-pong table…. We show you in pictures : it’s as easy as a child’s game !

Specialist in the convertible pool table, Toulet offers to revolutionize the living area by combining several pieces of furniture! These types of billiards are equipped with noble materials and latest generation techniques for rapid transformation.

It remains to choose the model of billiards according to the different uses desired. In the open version: simple billiard or in the closed version: dining table, poker table or table tennis. To make your choice easier, the Toulet teams advise you by email, telephone or even on site in our showroom. We also provide you a configurator on our website to help you choose the model, styles and colors.

Discover the complete collection of billiard tables that will allow you to combine convenience and aesthetics. Design, contemporary, classic or even competition, all styles are offered. Indoor or outdoor, you can invite your family and friends to eat, with after the meal, a wide choice of activities!

Sharing a meal on a pool table

These pool tables are equally appreciated for their classic or contemporary lines and offer, at the dining table, a capacity of up to 18 guests!

Wood or glass top?

The table top is an option to add to the choice of billiards. In its dining table version, they can be in full glass (transparent, frosted or tinted) or in glass with a wooden frame, in the shade of billiards. Thus, modern and functional, billiards fits perfectly into contemporary or industrial settings. Glass is the ideal material to reflect light and allow the cloth and marbles to appear.

With a wooden top, in the same shade as the billiard table, it is a perfect dining table or even a desk that sits in the middle of your room. Impossible to know that a pool table is hidden below!

And then enjoy a game of poker or ping-pong

Toulet reversible table tops allow you to enjoy several activities on a single piece of furniture. In addition to the billiards and dining table, add a poker cloth or a ping pong table! Treat yourself and personalize your billiards according to your tastes.

billiards convertible into poker table