Accompanied and advised by billiard professionals.

Be accompanied and advised by billiard professionals.

What are the criteria to take into account when choosing my pool table ? How much space should I have around it ? What color of cloth ? Is it possible to have both French and American billiards ? … You can quickly get lost among all the things to consider when purchasing a pool…

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convertible pool table - Design - Billiards Toulet

The convertible pool table : many possibilities !

The advantages of a convertible pool table The modular billiards offered by Billards Toulet combine technicality and design. They are transformed into very few gestures from billiards to dining table, from billiards to poker table or even from billiards to ping-pong table…. We show you in pictures : it’s as easy as a child’s game…

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Pool Cue, Billiard Ball, Chessboard, ... Gift Ideas By Toulet!

Cue, balls, chessboard, poker … Gift ideas By Toulet !

Billiards Toulet, billiard manufacturer since 1857 offer a world of original games and accessories. The proof in pictures ! Gift ideas for billiard player Start by equipping yourself with a cue adapted to your game (Snooker, French billiards, American or 8 pool)  and your level. This will result the size, material, weight, the choice of…

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Decorative touch around his billiard table.

Bring a decorative touch around the billiard table.

The billiard table, the star of the day Organizing a photo shooting for a billiard table requires a lot of preparation work. The choice of the place is essential. Indeed, the ideal is to find a place whose natural light, the decorations, the layout of the rooms correspond to the desired atmosphere : cozy, contemporary…

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Integrate - billiard - in - its decoration - Billiard - Billards Toulet

How to integrate a billiard in its decoration ?

Delphine Krakoff, interior decorator and Billards Toulet Originally from Paris, Delphine Krakoff is a talented interior designer based in New York since 1995. After working in the marketing field in luxury homes such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Coach or Ralph Lauren, she turns to interior design following a friend’s request to decorate her beach…

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Playing Pool - Billiards - Table

Billards Toulet presents the advantages of playing billiards.

In general, the game materializes moments of exchange, joy, love, reconciliation, affiliation, embrace and laughter. Billiards federates and allows to live all these moments with family and friends … but not only. Playing pool: unforgettable moments and complicity What is better than a game of pool to chat and share ? Beyond the competition, billiards…

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Midi en France report

A report was broadcast on March 11, 2016 on the french channel France 3, in the Midi en France program and hilighted the Toulet pool tables. Nathalie , the journalist , explains how this business of northern France produces such exceptional billiard tables. Modern , contemporary or design pool tables, with never seen options and…

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David Giovanni Man Cave

The BlackLight table in the Financial Time

Is this the ultimate man cave? Women say it’s like something out of Batman. Men say it’s like Iron Man’s garage. Has one Manchester-based major-league tech fan out California’d California and built the ultimate man cave, asks Jonathan Margolis. Giovanni’s man cave continues at a similar, out-California-ing California pitch. A polished resin floor reflects the…

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TOULET: Winners of Responsible Economy awards

Toulet has just been awarded for its good business practices by the Alliances network of entrepreneurs for responsible growth. The goal: revitalize the business with better environmental efficiency. To learn more about this initiative, see this page   What is corporate social responsibility? Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of a business for the…

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