Dining pool table

  • 1 February 2016
Billard contemporain Broadway - billard Toulet

To have a pool table at home is a pleasure, as well for passionate people as for occasional players.

Nonetheless, not everyone has the space needed to install it, the wish to change the organization or decoration of their room to place it.

Good news: it is not necessary to rearrange a room for this matter anymore, thanks to the pool table convertible into a dining table, whose vocation is to add a decoration touch inside your living room. It allows passionate players to play comfortably and without limits, and give the uninitiated the opportunity to enjoy themselves. The transformation is simple: you only need to add the tabletop above the pool table to convert it into a dining table, around which you will appreciate gathering family and friends!

The Toulet dining pool table was conceived to ensure you total comfort during your meals, with a 66cm height, and inside feet that allow you to install 2 chairs at each extremity. And to go even further, Toulet has thought about persons with reduced mobility, adapting its Lambert Table model from its conception so that it can be used by any kind of players. All our models from Contemporain and Classique Collection, as well as the Pearl, Sweet-Home, Lambert Table and Blacklight are convertible into dining pool table by simply adding a wooden or glass tabletop. Carom, American or Blackball billiards: there is one for everyone’s taste!

You can also vary the pleasures by using a set of interchangeable cushions that allows you to play all these kinds of game on an unique table. Moreover, you will have the possibility to completely personalize your Toulet dining pool table, in order to harmonize it perfectly to your interior decoration, whether it be contemporary or classic. Choice of the model, dimension, tint, finishes… Your pool table will be custom-made, to your image. Furthermore, for each and every convertible billiard model, no matters its design, you will be able to choose chairs or stools perfectly accorded with the pool table, or benches that can be slided beneath the table to spare some space in your room. To optimize space, we also offer you storing for accessories, as well as a tabletop support matching your billiard and home decoration.

The options of Toulet dining pool tables do not end there. You can also transform into a poker or ping-pong table, according to your wishes. We also offer to those who already own a pool table to conceive a custom-made tabletop to enjoy the numerous advantages of dining pool tables.