Heritage Billiard Tables


    Lovers of manor houses, castles, and grand mansions from the past, this pool table is made for you. A refined style that combines modernity and respect for tradition.

    100% customizable :

    Cloth: choose from more than 28 colors ! All color charts here !

    100% quality :

    patented metal frame, rectified slate: 19 mm (190/210) and 30 mm (larger sizes) with added tighteners. This structure guarantees your billiard table for life against any distortion of the playing surface, and ensures perfect flatness. Rubber cushions meet all competition standards. Iwan Simonis competition-quality cloth.

    100% adjustable :

    You can choose the table style you prefer: Carom, blackball, eight-ball, or mixed (cushions or plugs).

    Top-of-the-line finishing :

    100% solid walnut with leather pockets.

    Technical specifications :

    The Empereur Luxe is made of solid walnut, certified by FSC and PEFC. It is a refined and flawless wood, of perfect quality.

    Below, a summary of the various options we offer :