Realization of custom made games room

Trust a French manufacturer, expert since 1857, to create your custom made games room. The game room for individuals seduces more and more people. Ideal to spend convivial moments with family and friends, this playful room is generally organized around a pool table.
The games vary according to individual tastes, as does the decoration. To conceive a Game Room to measure which resembles you, Billards Toulet proposes the realization of this room from A to Z.

Customized equipment

In fact, our team of specialized designers and technicians can design all the furniture that will make up your play area. The starting point can be, for example, the personalized billiard table. If you wish to find the same design and the same colors on the other pieces of furniture of the room, it is quite possible. On the other hand, you want your billiard table to be in harmony with a color or a material present in your room? Our designers will use your samples to realize your project.

As for example for this high-end custom-made game room where the Blacklight billiard table, covered in leather, is in perfect harmony with the shuffleboard and the design bar.

Everything is possible, the only limit being your imagination! Bar, storage, seats, lights, ping-pong table, table soccer, darts, chess table, backgammon, shuffleboard, poker table, … Billards Toulet realizes all your projects.

A decoration that resembles you for the realization of your games room custom made

Each element being made to order, creating your own universe is child’s play. Choice of materials, colors, shapes and design, choose the smallest details of your playroom. This room dedicated to entertainment and conviviality allows you to give free rein to your imagination.

We can design furniture and tables from wood, paint or leather samples. An ideal solution to create your own customized playroom as you imagined it.

Our team is available by email or by phone at +33 (0)3 20 46 25 54 to discuss the realization of your customized playroom.