The Carat Light : an design transparent pool table !

  • 21 February 2020
transparent pool table signed Billards Toulet

Toulet Billiards innovate once again with the Carat Light billiard entirely made of glass!

This fully represents the know-how of the teams and the quality carried by the house Toulet. A model with elegance combining design and purity.

Play on a transparent pool table

Live an original experience by playing on a transparent pool table. Indeed, designed in glass with a brushed stainless steel frame, the Carat Light surprises with its originality.

The quality of the glass used allows absolute transparency. The billiard structure is thus enhanced. It becomes a real designer piece of furniture that you can proudly display inside or outside.

Indeed, its design allows indoor and outdoor use. It will thus ideally find its place in a living room, a beautiful games room, a kitchen, an outdoor terrace, or in any other living space!

Billiard table - Design - Glass - Carat Light

Share a meal on a billiard design

Like most of our models, this transparent pool table can be converted into a table, by adding a full glass top, glass surrounded by wood or all in wood.

With its customization options, the Carat Light finds its place in both a contemporary and classic interior. This may surprise but yes, the customization of a transparent billiard is possible! First of all, the size of the billiard table, available in 2.10 or 2.40 m, the choice of the color of the carpet from around thirty references, the finishing of the leather pockets, the addition of a table top and finally the possibility of add diodes.

With this new model, Billiards Toulet offers you here again, to create the billiards of your dreams …