Dining table

More and more popular, the pool table convertible into a table has many arguments to seduce, in particular the most important: the saving of space. Discover all the characteristics and advantages of the billiard table.

The advantages of a pool table to dining table

The billiard table makes it possible to put billiards at the heart of the house and therefore to be very convivial. All game modes are available. It is by following your wishes that you will find the perfect pool table to dining table. The one that will adapt perfectly to your lifestyle (dining room table, office, …) and your interior.
Want to learn more about the game modes ? Consult the billiards rules.

You have no place inside ? No problem ! You can also choose an outdoor convertible pool table. They are specially designed to withstand bad weather.

If however you are already the proud owner of a billiard table, you can have a tray adapted to make a pool table that can be transformed into a dining table or desk. Billard Toulet takes care of the makeover of your pool table to dining table version.

Billiards Toulet responds to all your requests, so don’t hesitate !

convertible pool table - Design - Billiards Toulet

How to choose a pool table ?

Our pool tables are 66 cm high (measuring from the ground to the bottom of the pool table). In addition, leveling cylinders are placed under each leg to ensure perfect flatness of the playing surface. They can possibly increase the height of your table for more comfort. The dining tables have a height of more or less 70 cm depending on the model selected.

Regarding the number of people seated around the pool table, it will depend on the size of the pool (see pictures). The advantage of a Toulet convertible pool table : on most of our models the legs are inside the table, so it is easy and convenient to place 2 or 3 people (depending on the size of the table) across the widths . Configure your billiards directly online with the Toulet configurator.

For a harmonious dining room, we offer chairs to match your pool table. Different choices possible : straw seat or fabric seat (in line with the color of the billiard mat), modern chairs in plexi or leather for example, and also benches (very practical to slide under the billiard table when playing) . Discover the furniture section.

Pool table convertible table dining 6 ft - Billiards Toulet

Sizes : 190 or 210
Guests : 8 at 10

Pool table dining 7ft - Billiards Toulet

Size : 220
Guests : 10 à 12

Billiards table dining 8ft - Billiards Toulet

Size : 240
Guests : 12 at 14

Dining billiard table convertible - 8 ft -Billiards Toulet

Size : 260
Guests : 14 at 16

Pool dining table convertible - Billards Toulet

Size : 280
Guests : 16 at 18

All of our billiards from the Contemporary Billiards collections such as Classic Billiards as well as the Lambert, BlackLight, and Sweet-home models can be transformed into a dining table by adding a wooden or glass top. The wooden and glass trays are decorated with protective foam which protects the billiard frame.

In addition, for the Emperor, Renaissance and Rochevilaine billiards, we advise you to go on an overflowing plateau. You are free to choose the finish in glass or wood, or even a customization!

Pool table with glass top

The glass top has a solid wood frame in accordance with the color of your pool table. There are 3 finishes to choose from, more precisely: frosted, checkered or transparent glass. The glass top is thus the guarantee of a billiard decorative dining table that will surprise your guests.

You can leave your logs visible. In addition, the glass used is a 6 mm safety glass suitable for everyday use.

Pool table with wooden top

The wooden top also offers an excellent alternative to billiards by transforming it into a dining table. The trays are very easy to install and remove. Note that the wooden trays have a system of male-female studs which allow a perfect junction and anti-slip pads which ensure perfect stability.

The board is the same shade as your convertible pool table.

Pool table with full glass top

With the “full glass” finish of the table top, the wooden frame disappears to make way for this chic and elegant material: a transparent billiard table.

It is also possible to paint or tint it. So you can match it with the color of your pool table. 4 finishes to choose from: black or white outline / black or white integral.

Storage for table tops

To facilitate the storage of your table tops when you play, opt for the solid wood tray holder. The color matches your billiard table. It is designed with two rails to avoid any friction between the two plates. It’s a practical storage that blends in with your decor.

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