Toulet and the invention of the pool table that can be transformed into a table.

  • 20 November 2020
Pearl Pool table - design - Billiards Toulet

You probably know the history of the creation of billiards in the same place. But do you know the innovation that transformed the pool table into a dining table ?

The history of the region has long mentioned the name Toulet in the manufacture of furniture. It was in 1857 in Roubaix that Charles Toulet decided to create a specific department for the manufacture of billiards. He patented his various inventions in order to guarantee exclusive ownership to his manufacture.

In 1889, the Charles Toulet company founded in Lille a house selling its billiards. Its management will be entrusted to his nephew Louis Toulet. He brilliantly succeeded in directing and continuing the work of his ancestors. Indeed, thanks to him, the reputation of Charles Toulet billiards has grown nationally and internationally.

The quality of the products coming out of its workshops is such that the players adopt this material for competitions and that the majority of clubs trust the brand. Toulet then produced more than 500 billiards per year intended for professionals and individuals, thus occupying one of the first places in Europe. The biggest rooms in France and in the world constitute Toulet references : Athens, Bâle, Buenos Aires, Lille, Geneva,…

The invention of the pool table that can be transformed into a table

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Toulet is the name that symbolizes pool tables and the desire to adapt new techniques to create ever more reliable tables.

Innovation, research, quality are the key words. Game plan lapping machine, metal frames, heaters … so many inventions that give players unparalleled confidence and playing comfort.

invention of the pool table that can be transformed into a table

Individuals prefer to practice at home, that is when the Toulet created the pool table that can be transformed into a table. Our archives show the manufacture of the first pool table convertible into tables. The mechanism was the simplest but the most solid

The table consisted of a mechanism which crossed the pool table along the major axis. This was connected to the angles with four bent levers which, by the operation of the crank, made it possible to adjust the height of the table. Indeed, the normal height of pool tables was 83 cm while a dining table 73 cm. Then all you had to do was add the table top and enjoy this convivial moment. The number of covers could even be increased by adding half-moons with articulated legs. A revolution in the field of billiards.

It is still possible to find these old pool tables but they are increasingly rare.

The evolution of pool tables

Since the creation of the pool table that can be transformed into a table until today, the Toulet has never ceased to innovate and to offer tables consistent with the needs of each individual.

Today, the crank no longer exists, but it is possible to personalize your pool table down to the smallest detail and coordinate it with its decoration. Choice of the size of the pool table to accommodate up to 18 guests, glass or wood top or a mix of the two, matching chairs, range of trays, …

Everything is possible !

convertible pool table - Design - Billiards Toulet