Do you know the French billiard ?

  • 18 January 2016
billard francais

From the 1850’s, the game mode 3 French Carom or Carambole developed in France and knows an unprecedented success that attracts a large number of players and spectators.

The quality of the first French Carom tables Toulet is such that players adopt this material for competitions and that the majority of the time clubs trust our brand.

The Toulet Billiards are then present in many clubs and academies that host the global elite billiards in international competitions.

French Carom is a game that requires a lot of address and concentration, and which differs fundamentally from the other game modes, it is also an excellent way of training before moving on to the American or English pool.

Visual memory, anticipation, mental of steel, are the hallmarks of the practice of French Carom, which has the advantage of being able to play alone.

There is also an entertaining discipline exerted on the French Carom tables and which consists in achieving staggering figures: the artistic billiards.
The quality of our billiards is recognized by the World Champion of Artistic Billiards, Jean Reverchon.

The French Carom champion Richard Bitalis has meanwhile associated with Billiards Toulet to create The Bitalis, a revolutionary and futuristic table.

Over time, individuals have expressed their desire to practice at home with family or friends, this game with unlimited possibilities.
New models were then created in this way, and now the billiard is definitely more than a piece of furniture destined to live in a specific room, it is a furniture with studied lines and innovative design, whose purpose is to add a decorative note in your living room.

Whether they are in collections Classic, Heritage, Ancient, Design, Detente or Contemporary, all models of billiards Toulet are adaptable in French Carom game mode, and also convertible into dining table, poker or even ping-pong.

In addition, you will have the ability to completely customize your French Carom billiards Toulet, to grant it perfectly to your interior decoration, whether contemporary or classic.

Choice of model, taint, finishes … Realize your French Carom at your image!

The billiards Toulet also offers you to make customized furniture to create the interior that suits you and so, your future table.

Note that it is possible to play Carom on all table dimensions, however, the ideal size is considered to be 3.10 meters.