Choose your billiard table

To choose the billiard table which will correspond perfectly to your interior and your expectations, it is possible to start by the choice of its aestheticism or by its technical characteristics like the mode of play and its dimensions.

Choose your billiard table according to its aesthetics

Design pool table convertible into table - Pearl - Billards Toulet

I prefer design

Discover our billiards of the design range.

Customizable billiards, modern and chic models. You choose the shape of the legs, the color of your clothand the frame and can thus create unique and entirely custom-made models. And if you want something atypical, different finishes are available: crocodile, ostrich, cow…

Pool table contemporary Purity - Billards Toulet

I am looking for a contemporary billiard table

Discover our contemporary billiards.

You prefer industrial, modern or sober style? The billiards of the contemporary range adapt to all modern interiors. Customizable according to the tastes and decoration of each. Declinable in billiard table, they are perfect for your dining room.

Basic billiard - Le CL - Pool table black - Toulet

Pool table as a leisure activity

Discover our billiards of the Basic range.

These billiard tables are the ones you see in cafés. Simple and modern, they are perfect to integrate your game room for example.

Classic pool table Empereur Vintage - Grey Cloth - Billards Toulet

I would like a classic billiard table

Discover our billiards of the Classic range.

They combine the qualities of a high quality billiard table with the elegance of a piece of furniture with character. They can be integrated as well in a traditional interior as in a modern decoration, even baroque according to the choice of color of the frame and the cloth. The bodies of these billiards are always inclined to give line and relief to the furniture.

Artistic billiards Trickshots - Billards Toulet

I am looking for a competition billiard table

Discover our Competition range of billiards.

Simonis mats, Kleber Michelin cloths, etc., these billiard tables have already been used in official competitions and will allow you to play under the conditions of the world’s top professional players.

High end billiard design Whitelight Black - Billards Toulet

I would like a top-of-the-range and unusual billiard table

Discover the world of Toulet high-end billiards

Imagined and designed as true works of art, the billiard tables of the top-of-the-range collection can be personalized in the smallest details.

To choose its billiard table according to the mode of play

So that each player can find the billiard table which corresponds to him, Billards Toulet proposes all the modes of play. According to the models, it is possible to choose among the following modes of play:

  • 8 Pool : 16 yellow and red balls of 50,8mm
  • American : 15 numbered balls of 57mm
  • French (carom): 3 balls of 61.5mm
  • Snooker: 22 balls of 52.4mm
  • Capped: 10 balls of 61.5mm

To vary the pleasures, the mixed billiard by cushions or by plugs allows to combine two modes of play on the same billiard table. Very often, it is the American billiard table which can be transformed into French billiard table. It can also be the 8 Pool and the French billiard table.

Billiards Toulet leisure - American pool table

Choose the size of your billiard table according to your room

One of the first questions that we ask ourselves before buying a billiard table is that of the implementation: which dimension can I take?

The basic principle is to add 120 or 140cm around the billiard table (this is the distance between the cues). Do not forget to take into account the possible obstacles (chimneys, high pieces of furniture, wall sections), they can be circumvented by using shorter cues: 110 or even 100cm. The furniture not exceeding 1.40m does not interfere at all.

The official standards vary according to the type of game: 2m10 for 8-pool (or Blackball), 2m80 for American, 3m10 for French and 3m80 for Snooker. But to choose the size of your billiard table, you choose the dimension according to your space and determine the mode of play according to your preferences.

A chart that can help you choose the right size:


Choosing a billiard table convertible into a dinning

Our billiard tables have a height of 66cm (from the floor to the bottom of the billiard table). Leveling jacks are placed under each leg to ensure a perfect flatness of the playing surface and eventually to increase the height of your table for more comfort. The dining room tables have a height (depending on the model) of more or less 80cm.

The number of people seated will depend on the size of the billiard table as indicated below. To choose your convertible billiard table into a dining table, you will have to take into account the space of the room and the number of people you wish to receive.

Concerning the table tops, you will have the choice between 3 tops: wood, glass and full glass. Discover all our advices to choose your table top.

Pool table convertible table dining 6 ft - Billiards Toulet

Dimensions : 190 or 210
Guests : 8 to 10

Pool table dining 7ft - Billiards Toulet

Dimensions : 220
Guests : 10 to 12

Dimensions : 240
Guests : 12 to 14

Dining billiard table convertible - 8 ft -Billiards Toulet

Dimensions : 260
Guests : 14 to 16

Pool dining table convertible - Billards Toulet

Dimensions : 280
Guests : 16 to 18

All the equipment for your billiard table

Even if the billiard table is the central element for a good quality of play, it is all the same important to choose its accessories well. Billards Toulet also accompanies you in the choice of your billiard cues, sets of balls, lights, chairs or benches adapted.

Discover our range of billiard accessories available on line.